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Kyrylo the Tanner Mini Sculpture opened on 18.05.2019 in Kiev

Kyrylo the Tanner Mini Sculpture opened on 18.05.2019 in Kiev

On 18th of May 2019 in Kiev opened Kyrylo the Tanner Mini Sculpture - bronze scale copy of famous historical Kiev hero of Kievan Rus time which name was fanned by different legends and tails.

The installation of the sculpture is a part of tourist project "Search" created by travel guide Yulia Bevzenko.

Author of Kyrylo the Tanner Mini Sculpture is sculptor Marco Galenko.

This moment there are other main symbols of Kiev that are presented in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center - Chicken Kiev, Kiev Chestnut, Kiev Cake, Kiev Tram, Kiev First Car Benz Velo, Kiev Brick Plinfa, Kiev Elephant, Kiev Gramophone, Kiev Golden Pectoral, Fountain of Samson, Kiev Computer, Golden Gates.

Kyrylo the Tanner Historical Chronicle

In the chronicle Kyrylo the Tanner is the youngest of five sons of an old warrior.

Pechenegs came along the side of Sula river. Prince Vladymyr then went against them and meet on Trubezh ferry (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi). Prince of Pechenegs came to the river and called on Vladimir and said to him: "Let's decide the outcome of the war by organizing a fight between one warrior from your side and one from my side. If your warrior defeats mine then there is no war between us for 3 years and if my worrior defeats yours - we will fight for three years". Prince Vladymyr returning to the military camp start to search for the warrior who agree to fight in the duel.

The old warrior propose the prince his younger son for the decisive battle. Prince Vladymyr send old men to Kyrylo the Tanner with the request but he refused to fight then young men were sent too - the same situation and only when hundreds of children came to the house of Kyrylo the Tanner and ask for the help - heart of the hero warmed and he agreed to fight.

Before the decisive battle Kyrylo the Tanner having checked his forces overcoming the bull and then easily defeated Pecheneg warrior.

Prince Vladymyr in honor of the victory settle the city near the ferry and called it Pereyaslav that means "Gained Fame".

Kyrylo the Tanner Legend

In ancient times near Kiev lived the Snake. It was so scary and powerful that it demand from people of Kiev for the dinner young boy or girl. It was a turn to the daughter of the prince himself and the prince had only one daughter. He could not endure such sorrow but nowhere is going to happen. Due to beauty of the princess Snake did not eat her but left alive.

The princess pretended to obey the Snake and asked:
- "Is there a man around the world to get you over?"
- "There is such a man", - the Snake says, - "Lives in Kiev and has the name of Kyrylo the Tanner who could carry twelve bull skins. It is him I am afraid"

Meantime princess wrote a letter to his father and send the message about Kyrylo the Tanner with a pigeon. The father-prince received the letter and sent messengers to Kyrylo the Tanner. As old as young messengers did not have luck to persuade Kyrylo for fight and only children saved the situation so the hero agree to fight the Snake.

Kyrylo the Tanner went to the prince and ask for twelve barrels of pitcher and twelve cart of hemp. Next he clung to all this and went to the Snake. Then he met the Snake and the battle is started. Everyone saw their fight on the mountain seeing the Sanke stuck with its teeth in the pitcher and the hemp and Kyrylo the Tanner beat on its head with a mace.

Feeling that Kyrylo the Tanner could defeat the Snake offered to divide the world into two parts - one part for Kyrylo, the other part for the Snake. Then deciding to deceive the snake Kyrylo the Tanner said that it was necessary to make a border and harness the Snake to the plow to plow the border around the earth. Hardly working the Snake plowed the ground and created enormous shafts. Reaching the sea the Snake from the thirst drank too much water and bursted. With time his body covered by the ground become the Snake Mountatin and the shafts called the Snake Shafts.

Organizers of Kyrylo the Tanner Mini Sculpture

Team of Project "Search"
Rybalskyi Peninsula
Kiev, Ukraine

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