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Chicken Kyiv Mini Sculpture opened on 27.01.2018 in Kiev

Chicken Kyiv Mini Sculpture opened on 27.01.2018 in Kiev

On 27th of January 2018 in Kiev opened Chicken Kyiv Mini Sculpture - one of the main culinary symbols of Kiev taking history from XIX century.

Chicken Kyiv Mini Sculpture is a bronze cutlet Chicken Kyiv already cut with oil flowing from it - it looks very appetizingly! A small fork invite the viewer to taste the dish in the restaurant with same name nearby.

The installation of the mini sculpture is a part of new Kiev tourist project "Search" created by travel guide Yulia Bevzenko.

By the plan of the projects soon all main symbols of Kiev will be presented in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center and surely an unique tour-quest for tourists will be created in which participants need to find all mini-sculptures and make selfies with them.

It is the first step of "Search" project in Kiev and the first one who implemented the project using mini sculptures for tourist purposes was Uzhgorod with its unique Statue of Freedom and other mini sculptures.

Chicken Kyiv Cutlet History

Chicken Kyiv is a version of the "Cutlet de Volaille" known at least in the early XX century. Chicken Kyiv recipes are presented in European cookbooks in XIX and early XX centuries.

The origin of the name of the cutlet "Chicken Kyiv" has not been precisely established. The earliest reliable references are in USA in 1937 where in Chicago Restaurant "Yar" the owner Vladimir Yashchenko and chef Michael Thompson offered Chicken Kyiv in the menu for visitors of the restaurant.

Chicken Kyiv appeared in USSR at the latest in 1940. In the 1950s the cutlet was already widely used in Soviet restaurants and the recipe was published in cookbook "Cookery" of 1955. In the same years the dish was widely spread out in USA.

The most likely version of appearance of the cutlet name "Chicken Kyiv" seems to be a version of "Cutlet de Volaille de Kiev" invented in the restaurant of Hotel "Continental" (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho Street, 5) in around 1897. Next the original recipe of Chicken Kyiv transferred by immigrants to United States and after Second World War the name "Chicken Kyiv" spread throughout USSR.

Now tourists could order Chicken Kyiv in restaurants of manu countries of the world and we invite you to taste Chicken Kyiv in Kiev by the original recipe.

Organizers of Chicken Kyiv Mini Sculpture in Kiev

Team of Project "Search"
Chicken Kiev Restaurant
Kiev, Ukraine

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