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Golden Pectoral Sculpture opened on 20.11.2018 in Kiev

Golden Pectoral Sculpture opened on 20.11.2018 in Kiev

On 20th of November 2018 in Kiev opened Golden Pectoral Sculpture - bronze copy of world famous Golden Pectoral from Tovsta Mohyla.

The installation of the sculpture is a part of tourist project "Search" created by travel guide Yulia Bevzenko.

Author of Golden Pectoral Sculpture is sculptor Yuri Bilyavsky.

This moment there are other main symbols of Kiev that are presented in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center - Chicken Kiev, Kiev Chestnut, Kiev Cake, Kiev Tram, Kiev First Car Benz Velo, Kiev Brick Plinfa, Kiev Elephant, Kiev Gramophone.

History of Golden Pectoral from Tovsta Mohyla

Golden Pectoral from Tovsta Mohyla is breast decoration of Scythian King.

Weight - 1150 g, diameter - 30.6 cm, made of gold 958 in manufacturing techniques: casting for lost wax model, chasing, engraving, filigree, soldering, inlaid with color enamels.

According to scientists the pectoral was made by Greek masters on request of Scythian King as a diplomatic gift in the second quarter of IV century BC in jewelry workshops of Athens or Panticapaea.

There are three basic versions of explanation of structure of the pectoral: Calendar, Scythian Lands Map and Universe Model.

Golden Pectoral was discovered at 14:30 on June 21, 1971 during archaeological investigations of Tovsta Mohyla Grave Mound near Ordzhonikidze of Dnipropetrovsk region by expedition headed by Borys Mozolevskyi and deputy head Yevgen Chernenko.

The first tomb was the burial site of a young Scythian queen. Her clothes and shoes lined the large and small gold plates and the role of decoration was played by a heavy cast of hryvnia of gold with a weight of 478.5 grams. Along with ashes of the women in a small sarcophagus were remains of a two-year-old child. There were three miniature silver vessels for wine near her head and clothes were embroidered with gold plaques.

The second tomb - king's one was plundered in antiquity. On the floor of funeral chamber gold plated plaques, buttons from grandclothes, fragments of an iron armor and a heap of ceramic battles were cluttered. However dromos - the corridor which led the tomb robbers did not touch.

Borys Mozolevskyi himself worked on that day in the dromos. Under the wall he found a quiver with arrows and next scrubbing a dense clay inflow covering the floor felt that something had scratched his finger. Carefully removed the clay layer Borys Mozolevskyi suddenly saw how the gold sparkled. It turned out to be a cache in which was found Golden Pectoral.

In total in Tovsta Mohyla were four and a half kilograms of gold jewelry.

Dressing Golden Pectoral on his neck and masking it under old jersey Borys Mozolevskyi incognito delivered priceless find to Kiev. Here he went to Oles Gonchar and with his help meet with the first secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine - Peter Shelest, in his office also were the head of Institute of Archeology Fedor Shevchenko and president of Academy of Sciences of USSR Boris Paton.

For the finding of Golden Pectoral Borys Mozolevskyi became a junior researcher at Institute of Archeology of Academy of Sciences of USSR, received a three-room flat, monthly salary of 200 Soviet rubles, bonus of 500 Soviet rubles and gold watches with inscription "From Council of Ministers of USSR".

Despite Moscow's pressure Golden Pectoral remained in Kiev and is kept at Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine and belongs to Historical Fund of Precious Metals and Stones of Ukraine.

Golden Pectoral from Tovsta Mohyla belongs to the greatest treasures and is estimated at 150 million US dollars.

Scythian Rite of Fraternity

Described in ancient literature special rite of fraternity existed among Scythians for a long time. Future sworn brothers incised their fingers and dripped blood into a vessel with wine. After that the weapon was immersed in the vessel: sword, arrows, ax and dart. Then the future sworn brothers at the same time holding each other drank from a vessel. The friendship thus bonded was considered sacred by Scythians - stronger and more inseparable than any bond of kinship. Each soldier having passed through this rite was ready to sacrifice for salvation of sworn brother with all his possessions and even own life.

Organizers of Golden Pectoral Sculpture

Team of Project "Search"
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