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Book for Tour Guide - Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!
Book for Tour Guide
"Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!"

Topic: Tourist Accompaniment
Language: English
Date and year of issue:
Cover: paperback
Number of pages: 116
Number of illustrations: 37
Format: 60x84 / 16 (155x200 mm, A5)
ISBN: 9786177652403
UDC: 338.48-32(0.062)=111
Publisher: Master of Books, Kyiv, Ukraine

Book Price

E-book: 2.99 USD - buy and download from Kindle

Paperback: 180 UAH (in Ukraine only)
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Book Description

Book for Tour Guide - Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction! | Ukrainian BullyThis book is good attempt to summarize the experience gained over ten years working as a tour guide and highlight the basic principles, features and secrets of tourist accompaniment.

Suggest to plunge into the world of incredible and unique stories illustrated by author’s drawings which will bring pleasure not only to novice of tourist business but also to all who work with other people every day.

I am writing with the hope that in this book you will find answers on most questions of tourist accompaniment and it will help to improve the skills of novice tour guides.

It is important for me that based on the knowledge of this book you start on your own path of becoming a high-level professional who will worthily represent your city, region and country for local and international tourists.

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Content of Book "Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!"


Theory and Practice

Tour guide – does it really suit you

  • Woman-tour guide
  • Man-tour guide
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Emotionality
  • Observancy
  • Stories and Highlights
  • Memory and Knowledge
  • Sphere of work from local to national level
  • Tourist site
  • City
  • Country
  • Seasonal factor of tourist accompaniment
  • Features of tourist accompaniment
  • Types of emotionality depending of the country
  • Safety
  • Age of tourists and why it is important to consider
  • Interests of tourists and their hobbies
  • Children’s and youthful dreams and memories
  • Time control
  • Dependence of the time of day
  • First impression – clothes, voice, touch and smell
  • Food
  • Number of people in the group
  • «Stops» of tourists – psychology and self-control
  • Bonuses for tourists
  • Tipping – take or not
  • First aid

Subject and specialization of tourist accompaniment

  • Excursions at the tourist site
  • Sightseeing city tours
  • Multi-day tours around the country
  • Aviation tours by airplanes
  • Aviation tours by helicopters
  • Industrial tours
  • Military tours
  • Cruises

Creating a new tourist product

Education, Marketing and Promotion

  • Education
  • Tourist associations and communities
  • Cooperation with tour agencies and operators
  • Promotion and marketing of tourist services
  • Communication with tourists
  • Technical equipment for guiding of tourist groups

I hope that this book will be useful to you and bring real pleasure!

Pavlo Korsun
Tour Guide

Reviews about Book for Tour Guide "Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!"

Good night! Sorry it's late, but I don't feel like waiting for the morning!

Your book is really just a godsend for people who are just starting their travel journey and learning how to be a tour guide.

The book is read in one breath and even for me, a person who has been working with tourists for ten years, it was useful. In how many stories I saw myself or someone from my team. And they say that they do not repeat.

Thank you for this adventure, for these emotions, for these memories. I will definitely recommend your book to students. This is a lot of work! Thank you!

Kristina Shcherbina, tour guide, founder and head of Tour Agency "VOYAGE.UA", Ternopil

We met Pavlo Korsun at advanced training courses for tour guides. Although it was not possible to ask him in details about the scope and features of the work I realized that Pavlo has an interesting and somewhat unique experience.

That's why when I find out about the book "Tourist Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction" I immediately bought it and read it in two evenings.

Any of tour guides have something to say about their profession, however, to write a book, create a structure, organize the material - it's a lot of work. That's why I bow to hard work and perseverance in achieving the goal!

Of course, there is still a lot to be done to make a literary edition and a professional layout. I think this is a matter of future reprints but for now I will write about the content.

The value of the book, I think, is that it presents the thoughts, reflections and experiences of the author. And this experience is great and diverse, there really is something to say. Even the "theoretical" parts of each section are often also the author's thoughts simply set out in a more detached way.

I was interested to read about those areas where I do not have my own experience. I liked the extraordinary and sometimes unexpected considerations on various issues of tourist accompaniment, observation of tourists and tour guides, stories from life.

I will note the illustrations separately. Here they complement the story very well, interestingly and wittily made. This is truly the highlight of this book!

Thank you, Pavlo, for sharing your experience and positive mood!

Yulia Semenova, tour guide, Kyiv

This is a book about the thoughts of the tour guide who has a unique rich experience of tourist accompaniment in Ukraine and conducting various tours. Especially valuable are the author's views on air tours by airplanes and helicopters in which Pavlo Korsun, in my opinion, is the leader in our market. After all he has been organizing and developing original author's aviation tours for many years.

It is always interesting to compare your opinions with the opinions of experienced colleagues. At the same time such a possibility is quite rare. Because very rarely super-experienced guides dare to share their own thoughts and experiences. Therefore this book is unique in its own way. The book inspires, charges, encourages reflection and your own conclusions! Pavlo Korsun boldly shared his many years of experience as a guide-practitioner. Having some experience of a city guide I agree with the majority of the author's opinions which often resonate with my observations and reflections.

The material of the book is well structured. A big plus is also the constant alternation of theoretical part and life stories. This book should be recommended as additional material for tour guide courses, tour leaders and accompanying guides for tour groups as a motivational, some extent "career guidance" and just useful modern material. In my opinion the sections "Theory and Practice" as well as articles on the promotion and marketing of travel services, cooperation with travel agencies and operators, feedback from tourists are especially noteworthy for students of tour guide courses.

So I sincerely recommend this book not only to novice tour guides but also to experienced colleagues. It will be especially useful for those who are engaged in inbound tourism and tourist accompaniment.

Myadzel Pavlo, professional Kyiv tour guide in German language, Kyiv

The book is written with great love for the profession by a real specialist - tour guide with many years of experience. The material is well structured and covers both the most important areas of interaction of tour guides with tourists - end users of services, and the formation of ethical and qualification qualities of a tourist accompaniment specialist as a person.

Much attention is paid to the organizational aspects of the tour guide and revealed the features of certain types of tours. What is important is that the theory, verified by years of practice, is illustrated with vivid examples from the own experience, presented with a good sense of humor, and author's illustrations. You are often literally transferred to the scene, so the book is read very vividly.

Olena Kazmina, director of Travel company "Ornament of Ukraine", Kyiv

I have read your book to the end. Thank you for sharing your experience. As a beginner, I appreciated hearing your stories and comments on each section. For students, it will be a practical guide to action. The book is very helpful. I recommend it to experts. Good luck and more interested tourists!

Sergiy Skovronskiy, Odesa

I read the book "Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!" with great interest. Traveling a lot I know how important it is for the group to be accompanied by a professional and passionate person. This book will serve as a good guide for a novice tour guides. Thank you, Pavel, for the book! I wish you creative success!

Ivasenko Lyubov, Head of Museum of SE "Antonov" and tour guide, Kyiv

The book is read with great interest and admiration for the high awareness and observation of the author in his profession. It should be noted a restrained sense of humor in the lyrical digressions of "life stories" and a slight sarcasm in the author's drawings. It was gratifying that the book was also written in Ukrainian language without any mistakes, which will increase the Ukrainian content in the tourism industry, will educate high-quality professionals and patriots of Ukraine.

Makedon Natalia, «Crew» of «Lelitka» sailboat, Kyiv

I liked that the theoretical material alternates with life stories, but it is interesting to read the theory, even for me, a person far from tourism. You pay special attention to the moments where the behavior of different people, different cultures and ages is described. The stories perfectly emphasize the presented material, and the illustrations fit into a light and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for a wonderful insight into the world of tourism through the eyes of a tour guide!

Andriy, 3D Artist, Kyiv

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