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Fountain of Samson Mini Sculpture opened on 20.12.2018 in Kiev

Fountain of Samson Mini Sculpture opened on 20.12.2018 in Kiev

On 20th of December 2018 in Kiev opened Fountain of Samson Mini Sculpture - bronze scale copy of famous Kiev Fountain of Samson on Podil that is one of the oldest fountains in Kiev since 1749.

The installation of the sculpture is a part of tourist project "Search" created by travel guide Yulia Bevzenko.

Author of Fountain of Samson Mini Sculpture is sculptor Daria Vovk.

This moment there are other main symbols of Kiev that are presented in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center - Chicken Kiev, Kiev Chestnut, Kiev Cake, Kiev Tram, Kiev First Car Benz Velo, Kiev Brick Plinfa, Kiev Elephant, Kiev Gramophone, Kiev Golden Pectoral.

History of Fountain of Samson on Podil

At the place of Fountain of Samson from time of Kievan Rus there was a reservoir of water. Later in 1749 the was covered with a gazebo designed by architect Ivan Grigorovich-Barsky and inside installed a wooden sculpture of an angel with a bowl in his hands from which water flowed. At the top of the gazebo created a figure of another angel which rotated in the wind. This pavilion was called "Felician".

Around 1808 the angel was replaced by figure of Samson who tore the mouth of a lion. During the strongest Podil fire in 1811 the fountain was not damaged but it was very black with soot. Therefore visitors have seen a black negro who tears apart the black cat's mouth which created atmosphere of mysticism around the fountain.

In 1934 by ridiculous chance the fountain was removed from its place. Before the one of holidays Podil headman after conducting a tour of the territory saw a pile of rubbish and waving towards the fountain exclaimed: “Clean up immediately!”. The fountain was removed and restored only on the eve of celebration of 1500th anniversary of Kiev in 1982.

Interesting that in 1982 Fountain of Samson was restored with a cross but then the cross was cut down and until the end of 1980s St. Andrew stood on the roof of the gazebo with a stick. In 1990 the cross was welded back but not the one that was cut off - if to look closely it is noticeable that the top of the cross is thicker than the main part.

The oldest wooden Samson which appeared on the fountain in 1808 is stored in National Art Museum of Ukraine and its plaster copy stands on Kontraktova Square.

Kiev Fountain of Samson Legends

The first legend says that Kiev residents convinced visitors that the fate of Kiev depends on the fountain source: as long as it exists until then the city will stand and after drinking water from it visitors of Kiev will remain in it forever.

The second legend tells that Samson the Strong.- son of King David sailed on Dnieper river. Mooring to the shore he suddenly saw a lion. Without thinking twice Samson grabbed the lion by the mouth and pressed on it with his leg. At the same time they get stoned and remained forever in Kiev.

Organizers of Fountain of Samson Mini Sculpture

Team of Project "Search"
Astarta Business Center
Kiev, Ukraine

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