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Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture opened on 13.07.2018

Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture opened on 13.07.2018

On 13th of July 2018 in Kiev opened Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture - symbol of great infuence of Alexey Theremin on development of Kiev at the turn of XIX - XX centuries.

Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture is a bronze model of one of seven cast iron fountains that were installed in Kiev in 1871 and 1899 - 1901.

Author of Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture is sculptor Sergei Galenko in cooperation with Galenko Gallery.

The installation of the mini sculpture is a part of new Kiev tourist project "Search" created by travel guide Yulia Bevzenko.

This moment there are other main symbols of Kiev that are presented in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center - Chicken Kiev, Kiev Chestnut, Kiev Cake, Kiev Tram, Kiev First Car Benz Velo, Kiev Brick Plinfa.

Kiev Theremin Fountain History

The first Theremin fountain in Kiev was molded in 1871 by project of Aleksander Shile on Theremin Factory. It was placed on Tsarska Square (now - Europen Square) but in 30 years was removed because of construction of a ring tram line.

In 1899 - 1901 six new Theremin fountains was placed in Kiev and each one of them cost 6000 rubles of Russian Empire.

On the legs of bowls of all these fountains there was an inscription divided into four fragments: Plant - Theremin - Kiev - Year of Installation.

The form of fountains resembles a flower. Around it there are heads of lions from which water pours out. Masks of lions reminiscent of human face that is connected to one of Kiev legends.

At Theremin Factory worked a chief craftsman - a very rough man. He constantly found faults of subordinates and they were suffered for a long time of his management. But when he went on a business trip workers made certain adjustments to the fountains adding enraged grimace of their boss. When the chief craftsman returned to Kiev Theremin fountain already start working. So there was no possibile to make any changes to fountain afterwards and that way chief craftsman with nickname "Pharaoh" remained in the history of Kiev.

Theremin fountains were set not only for beauty of Kiev parks but for urban needs - for every six buckets of water from the fountain it was necessary to pay one kopeyka and a same price was to drink a horse. Anyone could drink water from the fountain - nothing worth it.

Today most of Theremin fountains are still in their places: in Tsar (Municipal) Garden, in Mariyinsky Park, Ivan Franko Square and Golden Gate Square. However with time were removed three fountains from Lva Tolstogo Square, European Square and Sofievskaya Square. The latter was moved in 1920 to Chkalov Square.

You welcome to enjoy beauty of Kiev Theremin Fountains and also we recommend to visit Kiev Light and Music Fountains on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square.

Organizers of Kiev Theremin Fountain Mini Sculpture

Team of Project "Search"
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