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Zolochiv Sights | Zolochiv Castle
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Zolochiv Castle
Zolochiv castle was built in the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries at the confluence of two rivers Zolochevka and Mlynovka. In the chronicles castle was first mentioned in 1532 as the property of Count Gurkov.

In 1634 the castle passes into the possession of Jacob Sobieski. He rebuilds and strengthens his castle with four bastions with guard towers.

Zolochiv Castle presented the Chinese Palace which is unusual in that it was based on drawings from Chinese pagodas and its builders have never been to China. The result was a happy medium between the architecture of those times and Chinese architecture.

There is still a huge stone of desires which stranded the leaves alive and crown of thorns. It is believed that all who make a your desire and insert a finger into the hole of stone and twisted three times - his wish will come true. If you turn in the direction of crown of thorns - come to pass material desire, if in the direction of the living - spiritual.

You could visit Zolochiv Sights - Zolochiv Castle with Ukraine Tour West Ring and Lviv Helicopter Tour.

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