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Ukraine - Seven best Ukrainian sights and attractions.
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Ukraine - Your Travel Destination

If you ask the people of America, Europe and Far East what they know about Ukraine their response will be very brief:

1) Chernobyl disaster
2) Ukraine is somewhere near Russia
3) Ukrainian women - the most beautiful woman in the world
4) The former USSR country
5) Boxers brothers Klitschko
6) Yulia Tymoshenko
7) Orange Revolution

Information about Ukraine seeps into the world media very little and only in case of a major event that may affect the inhabitants of all world.

The Ukrainian government does not invest in the promotion of Ukraine as a tourist destination which can offer an extraordinary and unusual experience for the tourists of XXI century which is already beginning to tire of the standard vacation in Europe.

Fundamentals of  traveling are the knowledge of the world, a change of scenery and pace of life, the pleasure of communicating with people. All this and more can be felt during a trip to Ukraine.

When plan a journey most of tourists choose sights and attractions that must be seen - if it is Paris - Eiffel Tower, if Moscow - Kremlin, if London - Big Ben. All these symbols are resistant embedded in our subconscious for years of advertising on TV, Internet, the press and on the radio. However when you visit these sites and attractions you notice how many other people at the same time want to see them. And instead to feel the pleasure of a unique place - we stand in long queues just to get to it. That's why most conscious tourists trying to travel before or after the main tourist season as well as to visit less popular countries.

What for to travel to Ukraine? What are the main attractions can be seen? Let's get acquainted with the seven best sights and attractions in Ukraine.

Chernobyl Disaster Zone - Prypiat Ghost Town - Chernobyl, Ukraine

Ukraine's most famous attraction for tourists is the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the city of Pripyat and the thirty-kilometer exclusion zone. Beginning in 2010 after a complete radiological studies it was decided to open Chernobyl area to tourists. The reason for this was the information that in twenty-four years since the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant radiation levels in the Chernobyl zone has significantly declined. At the conclusion of medical experts stay for one day in the Chernobyl zone is safe for health. Ukrainian travel agencies conduct individual and group day trip to the Chernobyl zone.

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces - Pobuzke, Ukraine

In central Ukraine near Pobuzke village there is unique in the world the unique Museum of Strategic Missile Forces. The museum is organized on the basis of preserved military equipment of  Soviet secret missile base which used the RS-22A missiles (SS-24 "Scalpel") with nuclear warheads. At the museum you can see the unique patterns of strategic missiles including R-12 (it played a key role in the Caribbean crisis of 1961) and SS-20 (SS-18 "Satan" - the most powerful strategic missile at the moment), watch videos about the start of strategic missiles as well as look into missile silos. Cover of missile silos weighs 120 tons and it is fully opens in just 8 seconds. However the most impressive object of the museum is an underground Command Center from which was controlled launch of nuclear missiles. In order to get down to Command Center to the depth of 33 meters it is needed to use special elevator of missile silos, then open airtight door to enter the Command Center where are the places of two officers who during the Cold War carried on combat duty and were responsible for launching nuclear missiles. Two men are sit in chairs of Number 1 and Number 2 officers, started simulation of launch nuclear missiles - preparation, acknowledgment from the president to launch missiles, turning the key while pressing the start button - and 40 seconds later all ten nuclear missiles started to hit targets.

Romantic Tunnel of Love - Klevan, Ukraine

For lovers of hiking trails in the mountains it will be very interesting to go through the environmental trail in Karadag Nature Reserve in Crimea. The uniqueness of this mountain transition is that it runs through the territory in which many millions of years ago there was an explosion of Karadag volcano. Many millions of years of wind and rain created a unique reserve of large and small natural sculptures hanging over the Black Sea - you can ride the Karadag horse, look into stone heart of Karadag, as well as watch the Golden Gate rock-arch with fancy horns. The ancient tribes believed that Golden Gate rock-arch  (Sheytan-Kapu or Hell Gate) is the road to the other worlds. Hiking is only four hours and by complexity is available to both adults and children.

Underground Submarine Base - Object 825 GTS (K-825) - Balaklava, Crimea, Ukraine

If you recall the wonderful adventures of Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - one of the extraordinary scenes in the movie is a German secret submarine base which was reached by the brave hero in a submarine. In a small cozy bay of Balaklava in Crimea is a former top-secret Soviet facility (825 GTS (K-825) - Soviet submarine base. Submarine Base includes a tunnel in the mountain Tavros which submarines could go in submerged position, has all the systems anti-nuclear defense (could withstand a direct hit by a nuclear warhead), provided protection and repair of submarines of project 613 ("Whiskey") and 633 ("Romeo"). In the submarine base stored nuclear warheads for the implementation of project "Retribution”. By the project in case of United States nuclear attack the submarine base goes offline operation (up to 30 days) and then when the radiation background of decline - Soviet submarines had to go out to sea and make retaliatory nuclear strike.

Romantic Tunnel of Love - Klevan, Ukraine

For a romantic trip with your favorite man or favorite woman wants to be in a place that is filled with love and charm which will become a symbol of reciprocity and harmony. The nature and human hard work set up beautiful "Tunnel of Love" in Klevan village. On a small branch of the railroad there is a train which for many years "comb" beech forest and slowly branches of trees closed over it.  As the result appeared a tunnel of about one kilometer in length with the natural arch and walls. "Tunnel of Love" is especially beautiful in autumn, spring and summer when the leaves of the trees are full of natural color but it is also unusual in the winter after a heavy snowfall. Soon in "Tunnel of Love" will begin to work "Romantic train" with a glass roof and carriages in the form of loving hearts.

Khotyn Castle - Khotyn, Ukraine

High above Dniester river around 40-45 meters tall are towers of ancient Khotyn fortress. In the XV century Moldavian prince Stephen the Great who owned at the time Khotin territory decided to replace the wooden building fortresses with stone ones. The result has been built an impregnable fortress with thick walls 4-6 meters, five towers and deep cellars for food storage in case of siege. Fortress walls were decorated with old Moldovan ornament combining standard stone blocks and blocks of red color. Centuries went by and owners of Khotyn castle changed - Poland, Turkey and Ukraine but the castle was preserved in excellent condition. Each castle has its own unusual legend - a legend is of Khotyn fortress. This legend is associated with a large non-drying stain on the outside of the defensive walls of the fortress. During the Turkish siege in Khotyn castle well was dry and the soldiers made a decision to lowered the girl on a rope so she took some water from the stream. When the girl filled pitcher with water and started to climb the rope to the castle Turkish soldiers noticed this and began to shoot their bows. Many arrows were wounded the girl and pitcher spilled water on the wall of the fortress mixed with her blood. However the girl could bring pitcher with water and gave it to the soldiers. When the soldiers because of the great thirst started to drink the water they forget for a moment about the girl and when came around - saw that she disappeared. They searched the whole castle but did not find her. From then on the fortress wall which spilled water from pitcher in memory of the girl-heroine there is nondrying spot of Khotyn fortress.

Park Sofiyivka - Uman, Ukraine

Through love and inspiration to a women a men sometimes commit unusual and extraordinary actions. But all depends on the ability of a man, his social and financial status. So the landlord Schenski Potocki in 1796 decided to create a landscape park - a symbol of his love for his wife Sophia Potocki. Sofiyivka Park construction was led by Belgian engineer Metzel for four years on the beautiful banks of the Kamenka River. And already in 1800 Sophia Park in Uman was inaugurated. The Upper and Lower lake of the park are divided by the dam with Amsterdam gates from which begins the smooth flow of the underground river Styx. On a small boat in the dark you can swim to the Dead Lake and of course see the famous "light at the end of the tunnel". On the Upper lake is the Island of Love with a beautiful gazebo for lonely lovers meetings. Along the paths of the park there are numerous grottos  that you can escape in the coolness from the hot sun. From the Great Falls perfectly looked Snake Fountain in the center of the Lower lake. The fountain flow rises to a height of over 12 meters. The surrounding nature fills the soul with tranquility, peace and creates a unique romantic atmosphere.

All these attractions, as well as many others, can be visited by going on a trip to Ukraine. Historically the most interesting sights and attractions of Ukraine are in the west, in the center, in the south of Ukraine and Crimea.

Over twenty years of independence of Ukraine on the main tourist routes were built new private modern hotels, hostels, restaurants and gas stations. Come to Ukraine easy by plane, train or bus. You can stay in inexpensive three-star hotels and enjoy in Ukrainian restaurants Ukrainian cuisines like borsch, chicken Kiev, dumplings, potato pancakes and many other tasty dishes. Best time to travel to Ukraine before and after the main tourist season is in April-May and September. The main tourist season runs from June to August.

Come to Ukraine! We will be glad to see you!

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