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Kurortne Sights | Karadag Nature Reserve | Ecological Track | Golden Gate
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Ukraine Kurortne Sights - Karadag Nature Reserve - Ecological Track - Golden Gate
Karadag Nature Reserve organized on 9th of August 1979 on the base of Vyazemskiy Karadag research station founded in 1914. Since 2004 Karadag Nature Reserve is a reserve of international importance.

The name of the Karadag is translated from the Turkish and Crimean Tatar languages into English as "Black Mountain".

Karadag - unique geological object in Europe - an ancient extinct volcano that has traces of process of eruption and subsequent weathering processes that created the amazing beauty of the natural complex. This is one of the centers of biodiversity in the Crimea and Ukraine, the habitat of many rare endangered animal and plant species.

For visitors of Karadag Natural Reserve organized a special ecological tracks that allow to get acquainted with the amazing beauty of the reserve. There are two ecological tracks - mountain route and sea route.

Ecological Track
Mountain Route

Dates of reception: May - September.

Walking ecological track "Large Karadag" is done by organized groups (20-25 people) accompanied by staff member of the reserve on a pedestrian route: Biological Station - Karadag Coast Mountains - Koktebel (or Biological Station).

The length of the route - 7 km.
Duration of walking track - 4 hours.

Karadag coastal ridge composed of argillaceous rocks, tuffs, lava flows, subvolcanic bodies. Mountain range has sections with numerou figures in the weathering of volcanic rocks.

From viewing platforms of coastal ridge offering fantastic views of Karadag and its environs. Objects of the route: Ivan Bandit Rock, Golden Gate, Sphinx, Mount St. Gorge Gyaur-Bach and others. Reserve is a center of diversity of flora and fauna.

The route is designed to combine entertainment and information content of security for visitors and nature itself. The transition requires physical effort and is not recommended for people with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended - sports shoes, supply of drinking water, jacket for wind protection.

Ecological Track
Sea Route

The length of the route - 7 km.
Duration of sea track - 1 hour.

Sea ecological track starts from Koktebel pier and runs along the Karadag coast. Traveling by boat visitors are introduced to the cliffs and coves of the Coastal Range, the arch of the Golden Gate, Howling Grotto and others. Of particular interest is the opportunity to review the internal structure of vulcano Khoba-Tepe. Coast of Karadag Nature Reserve is home to rare and endangered bird species.

Golden Gate Arch Rock

Golden Gate Rock - coastal arched rock in Karadag Nature Reserve in Crimea on the Black Sea. Karadag Golden Gate - the most famous rock of Karadag Nature Reserve it is the biggest tourist attraction and a symbol.

Formerly known as "Sheytan-Kapu" translated from Turkish and Crimean Tatar languages means "Damn Gate". The legend said that that somewhere near Golden Gate there is the entrance to the Underworld. The modern name is associated with the color of the rocks - it is covered with yellow lichen besides the sun at sunset give it an extra golden hue.

Pass through the arch of the Golden Gate by a small boat promises the fulfillment of the innermost desires. At the bottom of Golden Gate is strewn by coins which tourists throw into the sea and their wish come true.

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