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Khotyn Sights | Khotyn Castle Fortress
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Ukraine Khotyn Sights - Khotyn castle fortress
One version of the origin of the name of the city Khotyn from the Slavic word "wanting" which in today's language corresponds to the adjective "welcome". Place for construction of the castle was very well chosen - it was high (up to 20 meter) rocky promontory formed the bed of Dniester river and canyon creek. The castle guarded by one of the ferries across the Dniester.

Khotyn fortress was founded approximately in the thirteenth century and then rebuilt several times until year 1544. Since then the castle remained intact and is one of the wonders of the ancient heritage of fortification architecture.

The fortress was built of limestone. The plan of the castle is an irregular oval. It is surrounded by eight-meter thickness walls reinforced by five powerful towers. The outer surface of the walls decorated with red brick paved ornament geometric motifs are close to Podolia art.

On the wall of the fortress is a non-drying spot with form of great pitcher. With this patch is bonded legend. In ancient times the fortress was attacked by countless hordes of Turkish troops but failed to capture it. Then the Turks decided to besiege the castle and wait for time when defenders do not have bread and water. Many days were held and the defenders did not surrender but grew weaker with each passing day more and more exhausted of thirst. When hope was almost lost a courageous girl decided to go down at night from the wall on a rope with a pitcher and fetched water from the Dniester River. Did not see her patrolling the Turkish soldiers. Girl made her way to the water of the Dniester filled a full pitcher of water. Hiding from soldiers she got to the fortress walls. On top of the wall warriors pick her up on a rope with the pitcher. But suddenly the Turks have noticed a dark spot against the wall and shot with arrows. Many arrows wounded girl her hands trembled and spilled water from the pitcher on the wall of the fortress. Man dragged half-dead girl on the wall. Soldiers of the fortress drunk of water from the pitcher and in a moment recovered their strength and courage. Soldiers ran from the fortress to the enemies and overpowered them. With the victory defenders came back to the girl but did not find hert. They went around the whole castle and did not find her. She disappeared like dissolved in the air. And on the wall where the water was spilled from the pitcher is still non-drying spot reminds us of the great girl's feat.

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