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Pidhirtsi Sights | Pidhirtsi Castle
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Pidhirtsi Castle
Pidhirtsi castle was built in 1635-1640 by the architect's Andrea del Agua with the support of engineer Guillaume Levasseur de Boplan in place of the old building. On the ground of the castle is the palace surrounded by a system of ditches, park and church of the Exaltation and Joseph.

Visited here in 1711 Russian Tsar Peter I brought in St. Petersburg several sculptures by Italian masters and soon started to build Peterhof. If visit Pidhirtsi castle and then go to Peterhof we can note a great similarity in the architectural layout of Petrodvorets and Pidhirtsi palace.

A unique lime tree in the center of the village Pidhirtsi more than 400 years. It is the height of 11 meters, a width of 7 meters.

Lviv Art Gallery which takes care about Pidhirtsi castle decided to invite a group of Americans "Ghostbusters» (Ghost Hunters International) to Pidhirtsi Castle. The company's team with a powerful hardware (electronic devices for the fixation light, heat, measuring the voltage of the electromagnetic field, etc.) explore ancient castles and for the presence or absence of supernatural forces.

In Pidhirtsi castle looking for Marusenka (so the local staff called ghost of young woman who often see in the palace). And they found: video and sound equipment recorded a white female figure. According to legend Marusenka was Mrs. Ludwig - wife of Pidhirtsi castle owner Vaclav Zhevutsky. He killed his wife out of jealousy. Hunters for ghosts and trying to find a place where the remains of Marusenka were buried. According to witnesses instruments mentioned on one of the walls.

You could visit Pidhirtsi Sights - Pidhirtsi Castle with Ukraine Tour West Ring and Lviv Helicopter Tour.

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