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Olesko Sights | Olesko Castle (Olesky Castle)
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Olesko castle - Olesky Castle
Olesky Castle according to historical chronicles was built in 1327. First the castle was surrounded by a wooden palisade and a deep ditch. On all sides the castle was protected by natures river swamps which formed the river Liberec. In the second half of the fifteenth century the castle became the residence of the magnate and was rebuilt in stone. In the seventeenth century near the castle was constructed Italian park. Since 1975 the castle opened a branch of Lviv Art Gallery.

The castle in its plan consists of two semicircles combined three-tiered entrance tower and inner rectangular courtyard with defense walls.

In the dungeons of the castle is a unique well by depth of 42 meters and 3 in diameter. In 1838 there was an earthquake and then part of the well collapsed and since then has cleared only the upper 25 meters. On the wall of the well by some unknown master was carved image of devil which produces a strong impression on all visitors of the castle. There is a legend associated with this well.

Once upon a time in the day of St. Anthony the monk Jan Kasper committed suicide after jumping into the well. He spoiled the celebration of thousands of pilgrims. Brothers in faith believed that God would forgive him this sin because Jan was mentally ill. On the vexed case even made a record in the annals of the castle. But the spirit of the monk was not satisfied ... His ghost wanders at night in the rooms of the castle and sometimes the guards can see it slowly gone in the air.

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