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Lutsk Sights | House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan
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Ukraine Lutsk Sights - House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan
Unusual House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan in Lutsk called "House with Chimeras" by analogy with House of Architect Gorodetsky in Kiev. However House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovanov is a family home and sculpture studio which he builds his entire life. The house is located in the "Old Lutsk" on the bank of Styr river.

Sculptor Nikolai Golovan built his house by project architect Rostislav Metelnitsky since 1979 along with his son who was an artist and musician and a sculptor. But unfortunately son of Nikolai Golovan died of a heart attack at age 32. His father survived the mountain but still honors the memory of the son for whom he built this house. He bought all son's sculptures from private owners and organized an exhibition in honor of his memory.

Now sculptor Nikolai Golovan is 69 years old. He is a sculptor by training and vocation. He studied in Lviv after graduation he returned to Lutsk. He worked on creation of a unique Park of Lesya Ukrainka in Lutsk. Sculptor Nikolai Golovan created sculptures of heroes of drama extravaganza "Forest Song" - Mavka, Lukas, mermaids and adorned playgrounds of park by figurines of funny gnomes.

Unique House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan decorate more than 500 sculptures. Some of them have been ordered to the sculptor but not paid so all of them later entered the harmonious design of Nikolai Golovan house.

There are sculptures of Nikolai Golovan, his wife and daughter on the house territory. Daughter Natalia is also engaged in ceramics and sculpture.

House of Sculptor Nikolai Golovan is decorated with beautiful stucco not only outside but also inside. If the master agrees - you can look inside the house.

Close to the house there is a lovely stone bench that is on riverside of Styr river. Here you could sit on the bench, rest for some time and look how the water of Styr river slowly pass by.

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