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House with Chimaeras or Gorodetsky House or House of Mad Architect was built during 1901-1903 years by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. This is the first house built in Kiev with using of cement. At the time - a great advertising for cement as a new material which was just beginning to use in construction of houses.

Important information for tourists who want to visit House with Chimaeras!
House with Chimaeras is one of residences of President of Ukraine and currently is forbidden to visit inside for international tourists!

Architect Vladislav Gorodetsky was a co-owner of the first cement plant "FOR" in Kiev and among the sources of personal income were dividends which he received as a major shareholder.

The founders of cement factory "FOR" was Eugen Zaitsev and Nikolai Presnukhin. Architect Vladislav Gorodetsky received the order in 1897- the first cement factory building.

Soon Vladislav Gorodetsky decides to build a house for himself. He acquires two plots of land in the city center of Kiev almost for nothing. There was formal opinion that plots of land unsuitable for building because of too steep slope. However on one of them Vladislav Gorodetsky built the famous House with Chimaeras and the second plot of land was bought specifically - so no one else could build a house close to Gorodetsky House.

When Vladislav Gorodetsky announced its intention to build a house on a very steep hill he bet that in two years there will be his own home. Then the famous Kiev architect Alexander Kobelev put his hand to forehead of Vladislav Gorodetsky and with emotion said: "You, sir, mad. Only a madman could come up with such an idea". But Vladislav Gorodetsky won the betting.

Vladislav Gorodetsky designed the house for rational use of small plot of land and bypass the difficult ground conditions. For strengthen the stability of the slope was hammered almost 50 concrete piles to a depth of 5 meters. With one hand at the house of three floors on the other hand - six! On each floor of the architect created a large private apartment and on the first floor - two small.

The house has been carefully designed in accordance with the progress of the sun. Windows of children's rooms and bedrooms are heading the south-west. In the south-east facade are windows of those who had to wake up at first light - cooks and waiters. In the afternoon sun shone in the office and living room. On the semi-circular balcony owners could admire the view of sunset.

The house has individual refrigerators for all apartments, laundry, wood depot, basement, wine cellar, coachman room, barn and cowshed. Vladislav Gorodetsky wanted to water his tenants and guests only fresh milk! The cowshed was located so that odors do not cause any discomfort to tenants.

The total cost of the two plots of land and House with Chimaeras building was 133 000 rubles.

House with Chimaeras received by the people its name because of a mythological sculptural ornaments and hunting topics on the front. It was used high parapet on the roof which allowed almost hide the roof itself. All the sculptures are made in the artistic, sculptural and decorative workshop of Emilio Salya (Elia Sala).

In addition to the architectural glory Vladislav Gorodetsky was known as passionate hunter and great traveler to exotic edge. In 1895-1910 years he went hunting in the lands: Lankaran, Transcaspian region, Turkestan, Afghanistan, Altai and Western Siberia. In winter 1911-1912 years was his famous African Safari. In memory of the journey Vladislav Gorodetsky published the book "In the jungles of Africa. Diary of a Hunter " decorated with his own drawings and photographs. The book was published in 1914 and is now a rarity.

Because of expensive African safary Vladislav Gorodetsky had financial problems and debts and in July 1912 decided to sell his House with Chimaeras to Kiev Credit Union.

Gone many years and basement concrete piles of House with Chimaeras lost their support function and the house was split into two parts. One part of the house leaned to the residence of the President of Ukraine on 33 cm and the second part - in the direction of Ivan Franko Theater on 10 cm. So it was needed urgent reconstruction. In 2003-2004 House with Chimeras was restored - fully restored the building, parquet flooring, paintings and other interior. The total cost of House with Chimaeras restauration was about 30 million of US dollars.

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