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Kiev Sights | National Bank of Ukraine Building
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Ukraine Kiev Sights - National Bank of Ukraine Building
The modern building of National Bank of Ukraine was built on the place of the former Office of State Commercial Bank in Kiev which was founded in 1839. For it was bought a large two-storey house belonging to Kiev nobility. Over time it was decided that the old building is not suitable and it is needed more modern and larger building.

In the competition of building project was attended by such architects as Alexander Kobelev, Pavel Hollandskiy and Vladislav Gorodetsky (the architect who built the famous House with Chimeras). Was choosed the project of Alexander Kobelev who set to work. Later he was joined by Alexander Verbitsky and on base of his sketches was designed the facade of National Bank.

As a result of rigorous selection right to perform works were about 20 contractors including South-Russian Machine Works, construction firm of Lev Ginsburg, Charles Schmidt, Bronikovsky&Zommer, Schwarzenberg&Safonov and others.

Construction began in autumn 1902 and soon on 1st of August 1905 the large two-story building was ready with the most modern technical equipment. Dual ventilation system - seven electric fans with a total capacity of about 18 horse-power during an hour two times to pump the air in rooms. In winter it warms the batteries, in the summer - cool (besides fans it was possible to cool further if to fill the tank with ice). The house had electric lights and steam heat. The first fire alarm system was installed in 1905 in National Bank. In a few years it has saved the building from a serious fire.

On all these equipment and construction of the building of National Bank has been spent about 850 000 rubles.

Work on the walls of the building with artificial stone (performed by gray granite and pink sandstone) and art works for decorating of interior was done by Italian sculptor Emilio Salya (Elia Sala). The facade of the building of the National Bank of Ukraine in the style of the North Italian Gothic and early Renaissance Florence - marble columns, delicate ornaments and craft emblems. Decorative turrets at the corners of the building are supported by huge sculptures of griffins which were considered in ancient mythology guards of gold deposits. Under every window and balcony and on the corners there are lions which are a symbol of power that corresponds to the status of the main financial center - National Bank.

In the yard of the bank has been specially planted a rose garden so the scent of roses has been at all levels of National Bank getting there through the air intake.

During the reconstruction of National Bank in 1934 it was built two additional floors. The project was developed by architect Alexander Kobelev in collaboration with Valerian Rykov. The roof had to be lifted up by powerful jacks (it was made of metal and because of the very large weight it had to cut into pieces) and each next floor was built gradually. The works were carried out on a highly professional level and National Bank not to worsen its appearance but become more imposing. So far remain emblems of Kiev, Podolia and Volyn provinces. The emblem of Kiev has Archangel Michael with sword raised.

Access for visitors and tourists to the building of the National Bank of Ukraine limited and only made by special permission.

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