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Zhitomir Sights | Rock Chatskiy Head
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Ukraine Zhitomir Sights - Rock Chatskiy Head
Rock Chatsky Head is not specially made sculpture. This unusual rock formations created by the glacier that covered the territory of Ukraine in Ice Age. Advancing glacier and its megaton mass smoothed granite turning it into the human head. Wind, rain and snow completed the smoothing of this natural sculpture. This place is called "Polesye Switzerland" as from Rock Chatsky Head there is extraordinarily beautiful view.

Rock Chatsky Head is a gray granite rock width of 120 meters and a height of 30 meters.

There are few legends about Rock Chatsky Head. By the first legend stipulated that a Cossack named Chatsky quarreled with the local magnate Czartoryski because of a woman and burn the estate of magnate. After he had to skedaddle from angry Czartoryski soldiers. In the end solders drove Cossack Chatsky to the steep rock which Chatsky decided to jump down together with his horse in the river. Faithful horse of Cossack Chatsky last time banged by hoof stones that became the form of warrior head. Cossack Chatsky did not know that there were many underwater rocks and died of hitting with one of them.

The second legend - poor Chatsky had a beautiful daughter. A local nobleman decided to kidnap her. The father tried to protect his daughter and between him and nobleman began the fight. Servants of the nobleman caught Chatsky and thrown him into the river from a high cliff. Chatsky body was never found but the rock during the night changed - it took the form of Chatsky head.

The third legend is the most true. They said that Rock Chatsky Head is a monument to Tadeusz Chatsky - famous Polish educator. Tadeusz Chatsky was the founder of Kremenets Lyceum. At the training base of it were open Svyatovladimirsky University in Kiev which now has the name of the Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko. Also he is founder of Volyn High School which has now become Zhitomir State University of Ivan Franko.

In addition to outreach and educational activities Tadeusz Chatsky written several historical and economic books among which also included "Study of Jews". To gather material for a book Tadeusz Chatsky in 1800 arrived in Zhitomir - at that time was one of the populated areas of residence of the Jewish population. Tadeusz Chatsky lived in Zhitomir for several months collecting material for his work and getting acquainted with the life of Jewish community. After Zhitomir voyage Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm allowed Tadeusz Chatsky examine secret archives of the crusaders in Kengsberg. After working on the "Study on Jews" Chatsky and imbued with the idea to organize Jewish school in Zhitomir.

Residents of Zhitomir decided to thank Tadeusz Chatsky for the school. In 1835 the Jewish community of Zhitomir wrote to Zhitomyr governor with a petition to establish in the city a monument to Tadeusz Chatsky. The governor allowed but set a condition: the means for a monument should be collected by Jewish community. But to collect the required amount was not possible. And then the Jewish community once again turned to the city governor with the proposal officially considered a monument to Tadeusz Chatsky as a rock formation above Teterev river. Interestingly the governor agreed to this proposal so unusual rock became an official monument to Tadeusz Chatsky and this status lasted to this day.

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