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Yaremche Sights | Probiy Waterfall
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Ukraine Yaremche Sights - Probiy Waterfall
The first historical mention of Yaremche is dated 1787 year. For a legend Yaremche get its name on behalf of hutsul Yarema Godovanets who first settled this area.

Probiy Waterfall - one of the largest waterfalls on the Prut river. The river has broken its way - that is why the name of the waterfall is "Probiy" (Break). In ancient times the height of the waterfall was more than 8 meters but now it is only 4 meters.

The cheapest way of wood transportation was by Prut river and Yaremche Probiy Waterfall made a lot of problems by damaging the trunks of trees. Probiy Waterfall was blew twice but it only changed the form of the waterfall (its beauty) but it did not help with transportation of wood by the Prut river. So the wood was transported by the branch of the Prut River - Cheremosh river.

At the moment the depth of Prut river at the base of the waterfall is about 20-25 meters.

The waterfall is a natural barrier to the passage of fish (except brook trout, rainbow trout, danube salmon) which account up to 57 species and in the Yaremche - 14 species. Strength, speed, agility helps the trout to pass such a high rapids. To see these fish can jump on a clear sunny day in August - September when it goes up to the spawning grounds.

Waterfall is a powerful natural source of negative ions so staying near him is very good for human health.

In the summer local youths jump off a bridge (16 meters) into the waterfall for those who want to see. According to legend a guy did not marry until he made jump into Probiy waterfall.

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