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Vinnytsia Sights | Wehrwolf Bunker | Collection of Weapons of Second World War
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Ukraine Vinnytsia Sights | Wehrwolf Bunker | Collection of Weapons of Second World War
On 5th of December 1940 Hermann Göring first time announced his own idea of building in Ukraine near Vinnytsia the main Führer headquarter. The place near Vinnytsia was not selected by accident - were taken into account strategic and geographical characteristics of the area. Führer liked the idea of Hermann Göring and head of Führer personal guard Johann Rattenhuber was ordered to carefully plan the future construction.

Führer also ordered to check the place for headquarter by institutions of occult sciences "Ahnenerbe". About 400 of the strongest practicing magicians, astrologers, parapsychologists confirmed that the area proposed for the future Führer headquarter is located in a zone of negative energy of the Earth that works as a generator which will suppress the will of people from a distance. This is for Führer was enough to give his approval for the construction of secret facility near Vinnytsia.

The name of future headquarter "Wehrwolf" was proposed by assistants of Führer. "Wolf" was a political party pseudonym of Führer.

Planning and construction of "Wehrwolf" was done by units of German military construction company "Todt Organisation" under the direction of Siegfried Schmelcher.

Vinnytsia headquarter "Wehrwolf" has being constructed in two phases. The first lasted from October 1941 to September 1942, the second - from December 1942 to July 1943. At the same time there was construction of bunkers for Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring.

For construction of headquarter "Wehrwolf" choosed 4 square kilometers of forest. First of all brought more than 100000 cubic meters of gravel from Black Sea coast of Odessa. It was added to the concrete with a clearly defined purpose - gravel had to absorb harmful radiation emissions of local granite.

As a cover during a possible bombing from the air for Führer and his closest associates were built three small bunker with a total area of 81,5 square meters. For each meter of them used a lot of concrete - 9900 cubic meters. So per one square meter of floor space had an average of 121 cubic meters of concrete. These concrete walls turned bunkers into strong fortresses.

Headquarter "Wehrwolf" get electricity by electrical lines from Vinnytsia. Just in case there were ready backup power supply - three diesel units with total capacity of 40 kilowatts.

On the construction of headquarter "Wehrwolf" worked 4086 people including 991 German citizen, 1425 foreigners, about 500 German soldiers and 1100 prisoners of war. Gradually this number of workers at the facility was increased to 10 000 people.

In addition to Führer headquarter "Wehrwolf" was visited by all of his political party colleagues - leaders of Third Reich apparatus: private secretary Martin Bormann, ministers Joseph Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hans Lammers and others.

In headquarter "Wehrwolf" worked Wehrmacht General Staff - Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Colonel-General Franz Halder and Alfred Jodl.

In headquarter "Wehrwolf" came to report about state of war commanders of German army - Gunther von Kluge, Georg von Küchler, Wilhelm List, Friedrich Paulus, Erich von Manstein, Erwin Rommel, Heinz Wilhelm Guderian as well as Wilhelm Canaris, Reinhard Gehlen, Walter Schellenberg. Here they decided the fate not only people of Soviet Union and Germany but throughout Europe.

On 13th-15th of March 1944 entered to the history of Great Patriotic War as the days of liberation of Vinnytsia. Advanced units of Soviet Red Army took the outskirts of Vinnytsia, railway station and headquarter "Wehrwolf". Only three bunkers were intact - other above-ground structures almost completely burned.

On 16th of March 1944 Germans made a counter-offensive and recaptured headquarter "Wehrwolf". The German command immediately gave the order to bring explosives in a wagon from train station. From airfield Kalinovka were delivered aviation bombs and the facility has been thoroughly mined.

When Soviet forces of Red Army again started an offensive - bunkers of headquarter "Wehrwolf" soared into the air. The explosion was so powerful that pieces of concrete the size of 8*5*2,8 meters and a weight of about 100-200 tons scattered on a distance of 60 meters. Were completely out of service plumbing, heating, drainage and other systems. Underground part of the bunkers flooded with water. The former Führer headquarter "Wehrwolf" remained in ruins.

Private Collection of Weapons of Second World War

  • wehrmacht anti tank gun Pak 38 (one of 11 original copies that remains in the world)
  • military truck МАН ML4500S
  • Thompson submachine gun
  • Stern submachine gun
  • german heavy machine guns MG-34, MG-42
  • Soviet medium machine gun Degtyaryov DS-39
  • German beer barrel of World War II
  • Tiger Tank (made on the basis of Soviet tank)
  • combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle BRDM - 100 UAH/one circle (around 12 EUR)
  • motorcycle Dnepr MV 72
  • motorcycle BMW R35 1939
  • four wheel drive Soviet military vehicle GAZ-67

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