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Uzhgorod Sights | "Deca U Notarya" Restaurant-Museum
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Ukraine Uzhgorod Sights - Deca U Notarya Restaurant-Museum
The restaurant-museum "Deca U Notarya" opened on 1st of February 1995. Its credo - faithful to the spirit of culinary traditions and culture of ethnic Transcarpathian region.

The owner of the restaurant is Pavel Chuchka - poet and satirist, cartoonist and well-known in the Carpathian region politically active citizen.

Pavel Chuchka decided to become economically independent and rented on the outskirts of Uzhgorod a building and belonging territory where for six years has created a stylized tavern-museum "Deca U Notarya".

Instead of the standard restaurant was established ethno-cultural complex as the area where guests will have an idea of transcarpatian architecture, language, history, traditional crafts. There is a summer kolyba "Decaland" (similar to Disneyland - entertainment complex).

The main feature of the restaurant-museum "Deca U Notarya" is a paradoxical sense of humor in the design of the restaurant: a satirical merry cemetery, exciting toilets, gallery alcohol parody on canvas of famous authors and various memorials, comic statues, paintings and tourist chapel.

Seats up to 500 in the summer so there is often carried out various festivals. The most famous of which is "Carpathian verbiage" is on 12th of July at Peter-Pavel holiday.

On the door of the restaurant-museum "Deca U Notarya" at the entrance formulated three possible states of a visitor: "If you go sober it is - our fault", "If you go drunk, it's - your happiness" and the bottom (at knee) "If you can stand only on all fours then pretend that you carefully reading this inscription".

Visitors of the restaurant-museum always have three main dilemmas: 1) why did not I been here before? 2) why I have not picked up a photo camera? 3) Why have to go home so fast?

The main slogan of the restaurant-museum "Deca U Notarya" is the catch phrase - "Do not rush back home because it is not yet known where the better!"

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