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Sutkivtsi Sights | Intercession Church-Castle
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Ukraine Sutkivtsi Sights - Intercession Church-Castle
Intercession Church-Castle was built conceivably as a dungeon of Sutkivtsi castle. In 1476 it was rebuilt into Intercession church as evidenced by an inscription on one of the bells. It was defensive structure on Kuchmansky Way - one of the ways of Tatar raids.

Intercession Church-Castle is a masterpiece the XIV-XVIII centuries - unparalleled in its architectural solution.

In 1407 the ruler of Grand Duchy of Lithuania Vytautas the Great granted to Hungarian emigrant Khodko Yarmolintsy with the surrounding villages which included Sutkivtsi. With the division of the estate among his sons Alexander and Fedor - Sutkivtsi got Fedor.

In the XVI century Sutkivtsi owned by Sutkivtsi family: Dakhno Sutkivtsi and Ivan Sutkivtsi. Daughter of Ivan - Barbara inherited village and got married to Alexandr Balaban who was Vinnitsa headman. In 1623 Alexandr Balaban built a castle on the hill the ruins of which still exist. Balaban owned Sutkivtsi until the end of the XVII century and then it passed to Grabianka family.

Intercession Church-Castle is a real little defensive castle. The building takes the form of a cross with rounded four corners. Fortified church was built of gray stone. The thickness of walls is 1.5-1.7 meters. The lower tier of three towers has five embrasures and the upper tier has also many embrasures so in total there are 95 embrasures. The lower floor is the church, the top floor served to shooters. The basis for the entire building is a large round wooden column about 3 meters in diameter.

The last owner of Sutkivtsi Tadeusz Grabianka was fond of Masonry. There is a legend that the famous Count Cagliostro stayed in Sutkivtsi castle because he and Tadeusz was good friends. Tadeusz Grabianka dreamed of a Polish-Ukrainian state independent from Russia Empire, created some secret society and spent in conversations about it with Count Cagliostro. Of course it all came to a secret office of Catherine II and the first case Tadeusz Grabianka were caught in Saint Petersburg and sent to prison.

Catherine II invited Count Cagliostro to the palace as she heard about the wonders in Saint Petersburg but the conversation soon went in the wrong direction. To show his power Count Cagliostro called spirit of Emperor Peter III - husband of Catherine. At one time she forced Emperor Peter III to abdicate of his reign and she ascended the throne. After the abdication Emperor Peter III was immediately taken into custody and after some time suddenly died. Nobody could said that it is Catherine II hastened his death but Count Cagliostro confirmed it by the magician spirit of Peter III. The empress Catherine II was impressed. Pale as death she ordered Count Cagliostro immediately get out of Russia Empire.

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