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Pochayiv Sights | Pochayiv Lavra Monastery
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Pochayiv - Pochayiv Lavra Monastery
Pochayiv Lavra Monastery - the largest orthodox shrine in western Ukraine and the second largest after the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev.

The complex of the monastery includes the Assumption Cathedral, Trinity Cathedral and Lavra bell tower with height of 65 meters. The monastery is surrounded by high fortification.

According to legend the monastery on a high wooded hill was founded by monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra who fled from the invasion of the Tatars in 1240. The first chronicles about the Pochayiv monastery was in 1527 year.

In 1597 the monastery receives a gift from a local landowner Anna Goiskaya significant lands and miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Greatest prosperity and development the monastery achieved during the reign of Father Superior Ioan Zhelezo - also known as Iov Pochayivskiy.

This is a wonderful spiritual leader at that time attained enlightenment staying days, weeks and months of fasting and prayer in the cave which is located inside the hill. The cave is very small so that it fits in while standing can three or four people. And the entrance to the cave itself is so narrow that it is necessary to climb into through a small hole in the wall.

This cave, the miraculous icon of Mother of God and the monk Iov Pochayivskiy enlightenment became the basis of Pochayiv Lavra complex.

Iov Pochayivskiy lived a long life of 100 years of tradition remained in the memory as a simple, kind, pious and enlightened person.

Legends told that Iov Pochayivskiy caught the thief who stole a bag of grain from the barn. But rather than condemn it and call the brethren to catch a thief - Iov Pochayivskiy helped to throw the bag thief in the shoulder and reminding him of the universal law of cause and effect - let him go. Less than an hour a thief bring on his own back a sack of grain back and apologized before Iov Pochayivskiy.

Now incorruptible relics of Iov Pochayivskiy are in silver sarcophagus which is installed next to the cave in which he spent so many years in prayer and self-knowledge.

Many maecenases helped to build and revive Pochayiv Lavra Monastery. Among them was already mentioned by the landowner Anna Goiskaya, prince Constantin Ostrozhskiy and earl Nicholay Potocki.

The interesting story linked earl Nicholay Potocki with the construction of the Holy Dormition Cathedral. Unrestrained in its arbitrariness magnate Nicholay Potocki for the fact that the horse startled and turned the carriage - three times shot his coachman. Only time and the coachman to turn toward the Pochayiv Lavra and start to pray to the Mother of God - and ... misfire: the first, second and third time. Potocki dumbfounded look on his gun that had never break before and look at the coachman who was half dead of fear. Earl Nicholay Potocki then fired into the air and the gun worked well and without a misfire. A miracle it made a huge impression on the earl. With tears of repentance he falls to his knees before the miraculous icon of the Pochayiv Mother of God and promises henceforth to devote his life to take care of the monastery and the augmentation of his greatness and glory.

And already in 1771 on the site of the ancient churches over the project architect Gottfried Hoffmann begins to build in the late Baroque style the magnificent Holy Dormition Cathedral.

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