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Mukachevo Sights | Palanok Castle
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Mukachevo Sights - Palanok Castle
Palanok castle consists of three parts of different levels which are called according to their location of the Upper, Middle and Bottom Castle. The oldest of them - the Upper Castle originating in XIV-XVI century situated on top of a mountain, the Middle Castle founded in the XVII century located at 6 m below the Upper castle and the Lower Castle founded in the XVII century built on a 10 m below the Middle Castle.

Palanok castle is located on volcanic mount descent height of 68 meters. Exact date of foundation of the Palanok castle is unknown but in documents that date back of XI century it already mentioned.

At the end of the fourteenth century in 1396 Mukachevo Palanok castle got a new owner - a relative of the Hungarian King Zsigmond - Prince Theodor Koryatovich.

The new owner thoroughly approached the building of the castle: built new walls around the castle has dug a deep dry moat, built more towers and added accommodation are connected by a complex transitions one of which was called "corridor of death". So it has that name because the ceiling of a long passage has many small holes from which in the case of penetration of the enemy poured molten lead. This corridor can be viewed today.

Palanok castle is also linked several legends the most interesting of which is the legend of the construction of deep well in the Upper Castle.

In the southern part of the yard there is a well with depth of 85 meters the water from which used by the end of XIX century. At a depth of 71 m in well there is stone spiral staircase that ends at 1,6 m from the bottom by niches - the first is in a southern direction, the second - in the northen.

Legend says that when the well was needed Prince Theodor Koryatovich ordered it to dig in the Upper yard. How long is dug well it could not reach the water. Every day the prince hear one and the same phrase: "Bright prince, no water." Koryatovych more did not believe that they can dig. Until somehow one day the prince offered a bag of gold to the devil in exchange for filling the well with water. But it turned out that there is no money in the treasury so the prince can not pay the devil. Prince offered his soul but the devil refused it and demanding bag of gold. One of the faithful knights of Prince Koryatovich overhear the conversation between the prince and the devil and invited the prince to cheat: "Theodor, a bag of gold does not have to be big: small - the same bag". The prince put in the bag the last two gold coins and gave it to the devil but the devil terribly angry said: "Oh, so you do not drink the water from this well!" and jumped into the well. Since that time the depth of the well every evening hear howls at the bottom from the devil what it was cheated.

You could visit Palanok Castle in tour package Ukraine Tour West Ring (12 days / 11 nights) or Ukraine Tour Romantic of Carpathians (4 days / 3 nights tour).

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