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Medzhybizh Sights | Medzhybizh Castle
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Ukraine Medzhybizh Sights - Medzhybizh Castle
First memory of Medzhibizh there is in "Annals of Russian" dates from 1146. Izyaslav grandson of Vladimir Monomakh gave Medzhibizh and surrounding lands of particular importance. It was the border between Kyiv and Volyn lands and outpost against Western and Polovtsian invasion.

Medzhibizh fortress was built on a promontory formed by two rivers Bug and Buzhok which merge here so the castle has a shape of an elongated triangle that its end lies between the joining of two rivers.

In the old days Medzhibizh lying at the junction of two historical Tatar's Ways: Black Way and Kuchmansky Way.

Black Way is one of the roads used by Crimean Tatars to attack the Right-Bank Ukraine, Galicia and Poland in the 16-17 centuries. Black Way starts from Perekop through Zaporizhzha to the north between the headwaters of the rivers Ingulets, Ingul, Tyasmin. Next it turned to the west separating into Kuchmansky Way and two branches: the northern branch of Black Way passes near Korsun, Bohuslav, Lisyanka, Zhashkiv, Tetiev, the south - near Shpola, Uman, Dashev. Both braches were conneted again near Lipovets. Next Black Way continues west towards Chmielnik, Ternopil, Lviv.

Kuchmansky Way passed the watershed between the rivers Dniester and Southern Bug as a trade way between Crimea and Poland.

At various times in this region attacked the Turks and Tatars, Lithuanians and Poles. War has repeatedly led to the destruction of the city.

With XV to XIX century Medzhibizh castle belonged to the Polish magnates Sinyavsky and Czartoryski. Medzhibizh became the center not only of political and social life but also a center of culture and art. In 1593 Medzhibizh was given the Magdeburg Law which defined the municipality of the city and strengthened its artisan workshops.

Bright historical life of the city is connected with the events of the War of the Ukrainian People of 1648-1676 period. At this time in Medzhibizh stood with his army Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and his associate Bohun and Krivonos.

With Medzhibizh castle connected unusual legend. Daughter of the last owner of the castle Princess Elena wanted to ski in the snow... but in the summer . Here is a loving father gave her this: castle courtyard was filled with sugar and horses hitched to the sleigh - so desire of daughter has been fulfilled.

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