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Lviv Sights | Assumption Church and Kornyakt's Tower
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Ukraine Lviv Sights | Assumption Church and Kornyakt's Tower
Construction of the Assumption Church began in 1591 under the project and under the supervision of Pavel Rimlyanin from 1597 is also working on a project Kapinos and a year later - Prihilny.

In the middle of the XVI century in the Assumption Church was organized Uspenskoe fraternity which operated printing press and a school. The church has a picture of the Russian double-headed eagle as a reminder to donate substantial funds to build a church made by the Russian Tsar Feodor Ioannovich in 1592.

Light enters the church through the tall windows decorated with stained glass windows created by lviv artist Peter Kholodniy of the first third of XX century. Especially valuable are the examples of painting of the seventeenth century by famous Ukrainian painters Senkovich and Petrahnovich.

Assumption Church has one distinctive feature - the apparent discrepancy between the small portal and the main plane of the huge wall. First entry was from the west but it bricked when constructed adjacent to the church building. In 1629 the facade overlooking the Ruska street struck a small door. This narrow not immediately noticeable gap has brought a new focus creating a somewhat unexpected expressive contrasts with the modest portal of majestic arches of the facade. Most impressive is simplicity and integrity of purpose.

The Kornyak's tower was built as a bell tower of Assumption Church served as defense towers during the siege and fire patrol point guard. Built by design plan of architect Barbon with the participation of Pavel Rimlyanin in 1572-1578 years on funds of Constantine Kornyakt merchant. The tower's height is 65 meters.

The tower originally had three different tiers in height. In 1672 during the Turkish siege tower was damaged by fire. Was rebuilt in 1695 by architect Beberi which added onto another tier of baroque and modern completion with four obelisks twisted on the corners. Gradually reduce the height of decks just, found a perfect proportion give elegance and grace of the Kornyak's tower.

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