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Lutsk Sights | Lutsk Lubart's Castle
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Lutsk Lubart's castle Fortress
Lutsk Lubart's castle located in the old part of town on a small hill approaching the form of a triangle. It was one of the most powerful fortresses of Volyn the basic part of the city's fortifications which also included Lower Castle (preserved in part) and city walls. Surrounded by the waters of the rivers Stir and Small Glushets and with a floor hand - a deep moat the castle for centuries was an impregnable stronghold.

In 1069 - the castle withstood a 6-month siege of the Polish King Boleslaw the Bold, in 1149 - an unsuccessful six-week siege of army Yuri Dolgoruky, 1150 - Prince Vladimir Volodarevich Galitsky failed to capture the town and castle, 1155 - Galician prince Yaroslav was unable to capture the city and castle, 1349 - Casimir King of Poland unsuccessfully besieging Lutsk, 1431 - unsuccessful siege of the Polish army led by Jagiello, 1436 - castle withstand the siege of the troops of Lithuanian Grand Duke Sigismund.

In 1429 for 7 weeks in the castle of a congress of the European monarchs: Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, King of Poland Jagiello, the Danish king, Eric, Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas, Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily II, Grand Master of Prussia, the papal legate and ambassadors from the Byzantine Emperor Ivan Paleologus, the Crimean Khan and Voloska governor.

Lutsk castle was built in place of the old wooden building time of Kiev Rus - eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

In the historical records in 1545 indicated that in the Upper Castle Entry, Styrovaya and Vladychya towers had already been made of stone. According to historians the builders of the time the tower was built first and only then put together their castle walls.

The symbol of Lutsk castle Lubart is the five-story Entry tower of 27 meters. The ditch was thrown a drawbridge which in the sixteenth century replaced by a constant.

The castle walls surround the castle perimeter. The total height of the walls reaches 10-12 meters. On the inside of the walls to stretch wooden floors in several tiers with which the soldiers during the siege firing at the enemy.

The Legend of Lutsk castle - a tragic and bloody. It tells of the love the owner of the castle - Prince Lubart - to beauty Oksana. Unable to get the girl of reciprocity the prince Lubart ordered to put Oksana in Styrovaya tower and keep it locked up there until she agrees to marry him. But Oksana not bowed before the prince. In retaliation Lubart has permitted his soldiers to do with the girl anything. Severely abused Oksana soldiers killed a girl and threw the body into the river.

Since then the ghost of the girl lived in the castle. Oksana spirit could take revenge on their killers two of them died a terrible death and the third just vanished as if it was not. Ghost seen repeatedly often decapitated. During the Second World War Oksana appeared on Styrovaya tower and called his parents who were also brutally murdered by prince Lubart. People say that the spirit of the girls will find peace only when Oksana find a ring captured by soldier with a dead girl and sold in local markets.

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