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Lipcha Sights | Deer Farm | Pantocrine drug
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Deer farm
Near Hust town in Transcarpathia on more than 57 hectares located an unique Deer Farm in Ukraine.

Currently the number of deers is about 200 specimens of spotted deer. On the territory of Deer Farm there are five large lakes.

Deer Farm was established over 27 years ago during the Soviet Union period and is now privately owned.

The uniqueness of a Deer Farm is that from the uncured deer horns (antlers) get the drug "Pantocrine". It cut off the horns of the deer as they have not yet solidify and are allocating the necessary material which then in Ternopil pharmaceutical factory converted in the drug "Pantocrine".

The first record of the prescription drugs uncured deer horns (antlers) in China dates back to 168 BC.

The drug "Pantocrine" is used in pharmacology as a tonic and adaptogenic drug used in combined therapy for asthenia (fatigue), neurasthenia and hypotension.

Natural drug "Pantocrine" is used as a tonic for mental and physical fatigue, asthenic conditions, neurosis, hypotension,
tuberculosis, the treatment of chronic cholecystitis. Effective with anemia, diseases of the cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders. A beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, increased tone and evacuation capacity of the stomach.

In Tibet the drug "Pantocrine" is used as a means to give effect to prolong life, preserve the beauty, remoteness of old age.

The cost of "Pantocrine" drug in Ukraine is around 100 UAH (10 EUR) per volume of 250 milliliters.

You could visit Lipcha Sights - Deer Farm with Ukraine Tour West Ring

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