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Vydubychi monastery
In 1070 on the southern outskirts of Kiev where the important strategical paths converge to the south and south-east the Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavovich built "Red House". Next it was founded Vydubychi monastery.

The word "Vydubychi" comes from the ferry of the Dnieper which used the "vydubanye" boats made from solid oak trunks. Material for boats building were large oak trees from grove next to the ferry. "Red House" burned by the Cumans and the monastery for many years played the role of the main monastery of Monomakhovichi dynasty.
In 1070 Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavovich began construction of the Cathedral of St Michael in Vydubychi monastery.

In 1116 Abbot Sylvester edited the "Chronicle" in Vydubychi monastery.

Dnieper River slowly to washed away the hill where was located St. Michael's Cathedral and in 1199 it was decided to build a special retaining wall. During 1199-1200 the wall was erected on the court architect Peter Miloneg. Miloneg Wall considered one of the largest engineering and construction works of that time. Nevertheless in the sixteenth century Miloneg Wall fell into the Dnipro river together with a dome and the altar of St Michael's Cathedral. The rest of Michael's Cathedral was closed by wall and reconstructed only in 1769 by
architect Yurasov.

In the seventeenth century was built five-domed Church of St. George in the style of the Cossack Baroque, Church of the Saviour and the Refectory. In 1727-1733 the bell tower was erected in Vydubitsky monastery and reconstructed in 1827-1831.

There is an interesting legend about the Kiev Prince Vladimir the Baptist and the pagan Perun-God. Perun - the pagan God of Thunder was the chief idol of the ancient Slavs in Kiev Rus. When the Prince Vladimir with boyar council decided to baptize the Kiev Rus citizens he had to reset all the wooden idols of Perun and other pagan gods in the Dnieper River. The devotees of the ancient faith of citizens of Kiev were running along the bank of the Dnieper river and called the gods to swim up - "Perun, vydubay!". The place where wooden idols swam to shore was named - "Vydubychi".

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