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Kiev Sights | State Aviation Museum | Extended Tour "Visiting Cockpits"
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Ukraine Kiev Sights | State Aviation Museum | Antonov An-71
State Aviation Museum
(Zhuliany) is the youngest and the largest museum of Soviet Union (USSR) aviation in Ukraine. It was created in 2003 on the occasion of celebration of 100th anniversary of world aviation. The museum is located in the former training aircraft airfield of National Aviation University and its aircrafts became the nucleus of aviation museum collection.

The exposition of the museum began with only 30 aircrafts - today the exposition of State Aviation Museum has more than 70 aircrafts and helicopters. It was also deployed another area of the exhibition - samples of airborne weapons and aircraft engines.

In State Aviation Museum presents the development of almost all leading aviation design bureau of Soviet Union (USSR) - Tupolev, Yakovlev, Ilyushin, Antonov, Sukhoi, Mikoyan-Gurevich, Kamov, Mil, Beriev as well as a replicas of the early XX century. The collection of aviation museum formed on the basis of sections of aircrefts created by each aviation design bureaus. The exception is Tupolev design bureau - there is separate collection included bombers Tu- 22M.

Presented in State Aviation Museum of Ukraine collection of aircrafts of design bureau Mikoyan and Gurevich as well as helicopters of Mil design bureau is one of the most complete in the world. In aviation museum also exhibited rare MiG-15UTI and Mi-1M.

Kyiv Aviation Museum Cockpits Visiting Tour | Video

Ukraine Kiev Sights | State Aviation Museum | Helicopter Mil Mi-8
Many of State Aviation Museum aircrafts still maintaining performance. In most of aircrafts operate properly all electronic and mechanical systems so they ready to fly after technical inspection. Tourist and guests of the aviation museum could visit the cockpit of Ilyushin IL-62 and Mil Mi-26 helicopter and feel yourself like a pilot.

Just in 100 meters from State Aviation Museum there is a runway of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany, IEV) so there is a possibility to look at taking off and landing of aircrafts and make unusual pictures.

After the collapse of Soviet Union (USSR) since 1990 training aircraft airfield of National Aviation University was in a derelict state. During almost 13 years aircrafts lost its former appearance and the airfield overgrown of wild grass. The territory of the future State Aviation Museum during this period gradually transformed into aircraft warehouse.

The situation has changed radically only in 2003 when Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made the decision to create at training airfield of National Aviation University - State Aviation Museum.

In just three months before the opening of new State Aviation Museum exhibits has not yet touched by the hand of restorers. In an extremely short period of time by organizing broad cooperation with dozens of aviation companies throughout Ukraine it was possible to prepare the aviation museum for its opening on 30th of September 2003.

Ukraine State Aviation Museum has such transport and military aircrafts and helicopters of Soviet Union (USSR) period:

  • aeroplanes:
    • Aero L-29 Delfin, L-39C Albatross
    • Antonov An-2, An-24, An-26, An-71
    • Beriev Be-6, Be-12PL
    • Ilyushin Il-14P, Il-18, Il-28, Il-62, Il-76T, Il-86
    • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI, MiG-17, MiG-17F, MiG-21PF, MiG-21PFM, MiG-21UM, MiG-23BN, MiG-23ML, MiG-25RBT, MiG-27K, MiG-29
    • Sukhoi Su-7BM, Su-15TM, Su-17M, Su-17UM-3, Su-24, Su-25
    • Tupolev Tu-22M0, Tu-22M2, Tu-22M3, Tu-104, Tu-134, Tu-134A, Tu-134UBL, Tu-142MZ, Tu-154
    • Yakovlev Yak-18PM, Yak-28U, Yak-38, Yak-40, Yak-50
  • helicopters:
    • Kamov Ka-25PL, Ka-26, Ka-27PL
    • Mil Mi-1, Mi-4, Mi-6A, Mi-8, Mi-8TM, Mi-14BT, Mi-14PL, Mi-24A, Mi-24D, Mi-24P, Mi-24V, Mi-26
    • PZL-Swidnik Mi-2
State Aviation Museum Extended Tour "Visiting Cockpits"

State Aviation Museum Extended Tour Visiting Cockpits | Beriev Be-12 Cockpit Visit

For aviation enthusiasts and spotters there is optional Aviation Museum Extended Tour "Visiting Cockpits" with opening of cockpits of aircrafts and helicopters that are closed during regular exposition days of State Aviation Museum in Kiev.

List of aircrafts which cockpits could be open during the extended tour (maximum 5 aircrafts or helicopters per visit on individual selection):

Aircrafts: IL-86, IL-76, Be-12, Tu-142, Tu-22M3, Tu-134A Ukraine, Tu-154, Su-15, MiG-23 (54), MiG-25, Yak-38 (46)
Helicopters: Mi-6, Mi-14, Ka-25, Ka-27

The tour also includes visits of regularly open cockpits: Tu-134UBL, IL-62, Mi-26

State Aviation Museum Extended Tour Visiting Cockpits | Ilyushin Il-86 Cockpit VisitState Aviation Museum Extended Tour time: 08:00 - 10:00 (special time, before opening of the museum). After 10:00 all participants of the extended tour could visit cockpits of aircrafts and helicopters that open regularly and enjoy the aviation museum as much time as they want.

The number of participants: 1 - 2 persons

State Aviation Museum Extended Tour price: on request by or +38 050 936 96 80 (WhatsApp, Viber)

Total cost includes: museum entry tickets, visit of cockpits of selected aircrafts and helicopters, support of English speaking aviation guide, photography

You could visit State Aviation Museum as a part of Ukraine Grand Aviation Tour (4 days / 3 nights) as well as by private tour.

State Aviation Museum Extended Tour | Video
Kiev State Aviation Museum | Reviews
Kiev Aviation Tour with State Aviation Museum and NAU Aviation Training Hangar visit for pilot Christian from Germany

Yet another business related trip to Kiev. Inspired by the good experiences from our last time, we again asked Pavel for help and are happy to say, this was a good choice!

Aviation Enthusiasts will like this tour:

First we took a tour to the State Aviation Museum adjacent to the City Airport (IEV, UKKK). This is very interesting with some very unique aircraft on display, one of them is the Naval version of the reconnaisance aircraft NATO named Bear. Realy a great Museum and Pavel was very eager to tell the stories behind the many airplanes history.

In the afternoon we made a visit to the University, where a hangar full of airplanes is situated. This little known fact is quite interesting. The airplanes are mainly intended for the university students to have hands on training, but Pavel managed for us to sit in the Cockpits, operate the controls and even motor the starter of a Mi8 Helicopter. Everything is functional and kept in good condition. For an aviation enthusiast like me, this was a very interesting and enjoyable trip to Kiev.

Once again - Thank you Pavel!.

Pilot Christian, Germany

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