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Ukraine Kiev Sights - Peizazhna Alley - Children Landscape Park - Kiev Fashion Park
Peizazhna alley was paved in the early 1980s, designed by architect Abram Miletsky and it follows the defense structures of X-XIII centuries. The purpose of its construction - to create an overview of Podol with historical Upper Town for tourists and visitors of Kiev. Peizazhna alley was designed as part of the complex of architectural and historical reserve "Ancient Kiev" which was to cover the territory of historic places that formed Old Kiev.

In November 2009 on Peizazhna alley was built Children Landscape Park with benches and majestic cats. There are the fountains in the form of elephant, hugging zebras, mosaic 30 meter cat-centipedes, benches in the form of a rabbit, crow and cat. All of it has been spent a million hryvnia (UAH) with 15% collected themselves residents of nearby houses and the rest were given by sponsors.

In November 2010 Kiev French Cultural Centre gave children another mosaic sculpture - figure of the Little Prince - the hero of the novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In same year there was a wonderful continuation of Children Landscape Park - playground "Alice in Wonderland". Children's slides are made based on the novel - there are magic rabbit, Cheshire Cat and caterpillar.

Winding paths, fountains, unusual sculptures - all this up architect and designer Olga Kondratska and well known sculptor Constantin Skretutsky also participated in the work of the artist Lesya Kara Kotsya.

Constantine Skretutsky - main street sculptor of Kiev. The best-known projects: Kiev Donkey, Cat done of disposable forks, Hedgehog In Fog, Dancer and many other fun Kiev monuments.

Olga Kondratska - creative architect with a strong conceptual approach to the work. As an architect and interior designer Olga Kondratska successfully working in the field of design and architecture since 1998. In 2006 was created the architectural workshop "Olga Kondratska".

Lesya Kara Kotsya - works in the style of classic and decorative painting, the author of the book "The Adventures of Hobotarkas. Saving Spring Sunshine".

Next to Children Landscape Park in May 2011 with the project "Kiev Fashion Park" on Peizazhna alley appeared new 17 art objects of modern sculptures and installations which attract visitors and tourists and give them the opportunity to learn about modern Ukrainian Art. Most of tourists prefer unusual bench-swing, Manneken Pis, sculpture "Rain", sculpture "At Home" and many others.

Visit of Peizazhna alley, Children Landscape Park and Kiev Fashion Park make impression of the fairy world and bring joy and good cheer not only children but also adults. Peizazhna alley - a long way back to your own childhood.

You could visit Kiev Sights - Peizazhna Alley - Children Landscape Park - Kiev Fashion Park with Tour "Kiev Sights"

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