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Ukraine Kiev Sights | Mother Motherland Statue-Monument
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Statue-monument Mother Motherland
Statue-monument "Mother Motherland" is part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This museum was opened on May 9, 1981 in honor of the Soviet victory in World War II.

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Look Mother Motherland Monument bird's-eye view

The idea of creating a museum and a monument was born in 1960 by the architect Eugeniy Vuchetich but the circumstances were such that the current draft of the sculpture "Mother Motherland" was designed by architect Vasiliy Boroday. Initially planned to cover the sculpture with gold leaf but later abandoned this idea and have chosen for sculpture the cladding of stainless steel.

Complete construction took 3 years of which only 6 months left on the assembly "Mother Motherland" sculpture itself. Only on a foundation of sculpture has been spent over 3000 tons of metal and more than 3,500 cubic meters of concrete. The solid foundation goes deep into hill - concrete well a width of 32 meters and a depth of 17.9 meters.

The sculpture itself was made of over 20 sections consisting of a welded stainless steel sheets 50 x 50 cm (thickness 1.5 mm). Each section weighed was 25 to 30 tons.

Welding work on the sections was done by only 6 professional welders! For the six months of work was made about 20 miles of welds.

The sculpture was mounted by special 100-meter crane which after completion of the work was dismantled.

The total weight of the sculpture "Mother Motherland" is 650 tons. The cost of works and building materials is estimated at 12 million rubles of the USSR (for comparison - the average salary of an engineer in the Soviet Union was only 100 rubles).

In its final form the height of the monument-sculpture "Mother Motherland" is 62 meters, given the height of the pedestal - 102 meters. In her right hand "Mother Motherland" holds a 16-meter sword weighing more than 9 tons and in her left hand - the shield the size of 13*8 meters with the emblem of the USSR weighing 13 tons. The safety margin of the sculpture "Mother Motherland" is about 180 years old. The amplitude of the fluctuations permissible - within 60 centimeters. In the sword of the statue is a special mechanism that extinguishes wind fluctuations.

Inside the statue equipped with unique lifts which allow for repairs and scheduled maintenance by staff. One of lifts - the vertical and the other - the elevator located at an angle of 75 degrees.

For visitors to the monument-sculpture "Mother Motherland" is a unique opportunity to rise to the observation decks are located at a height of 36.6 and 91 meters and to look a panorama of Kiev from the bird's-eye view. If you are interested to climb monument-sculpture "Mother Motherland" with English speaking guide - please, contact: or call + 38 050 936 96 80 (Viber, WhatsUp).

The rise to the observation deck of the monument is accompanied by a professional guide which monitors compliance with all safety measures.

An interesting fact is that the original length of the sword of the statue was to be 19 meters but it was decided to cut the sword to 3 meters. There is a legend associated with the appeal of the Metropolitan of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra to the authorities of USSR. Metropolitan requested that the sword of the statue was not above the cross located in the bell tower of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The architects argue that shortened the sword because of the need to comply with the architectural balance of the monument "Mother Motherland" and the bell tower of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. What was the main reason - unfortunately, remains unknown...

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Mother Motherland Monument Climbing in Kiev, Ukraine
Mother Motherland Monument Construction History
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