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Golden Gates
Golden Gates was built in 1037 and accounted for in the XI century along with Sophia and Lvivsy, Lyadsky gates shaft a single defense system of Kiev created by Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Based on historical sources the Golden Gates have been destroyed in 1240 during the invasion of Batu Khan.

In the XIX century in the former province of Kiev was written the legend of "Mikhailik and Golden Gates".

It discusses the following. Batu Khan in his youth was a monk of Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. In the monastery he came orphan boy and called himself "Son of Batu". Batu Khan leaving the convent and promised not to destroy it. The monks asked him to give a signed document but he could not write and did a reprint of his hands on the paper.

When Batu Khan was the leader of the Tatars a long time he could not take Kiev as it lived Mikhailik the one who built St. Michael's Cathedral. Batu Khan knew that as long as Mikhailik in Kiev the city he did not take. Once Mikhailik circling guard posts saw on the hill Batu Khan who sits and have a meal. Mikhailik shot an arrow tied with a note which advised Batu Khan lift the siege of Kiev. The arrow hit in the arm of Batu Khan he dropped a silver spoon and was wroth and sent messengers to the people of Kiev to demand to extradite Mikhailik. Mikhailik swore that he will break the army of Batu but the frightened people of Kiev decided to give their hero to Batu Khan. On hearing this Mikhailik asked permission to leave Kiev. He put on full armor and on the parade ground in front of the Golden Gate appealed to the people of Kiev with the words:

"People of Kiev - fellows!
The bad is your decision!
If you have not given me,
While the light is
Tatars will not take Kiev"

Having said it Mikhailik stuck a spear in the Golden Gates and went out of town. Batu Khan learning of this took Kiev and destroyed all the people even children. Survived only Kiev-Pechersk Monastery because monks hung out in front of its entrance stamp the hands of Batu Khan and he remembered his oath.

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