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Kiev Sights | St. Michael's Monastery and Cathedral of Archangel Michael
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St. Michael's Monastery and Cathedral of Archangel Michael
Enduring fame of St. Michael's Cathedral brought its mosaics and frescoes. According to historians they have discovered a new type of painting in the evolution of ancient Kiev Rus. "Shimmering paintings" called mosaic of Michael's Cathedral - they are like a mirage enveloped the whole of his church then fading then come up with a bang glow. Extremely delicate and bright mosaics of Michael's Cathedral were outstanding works of ancient art and convincingly demonstrated that in the Kiev Rus that had already formed the National School of Fine Arts. The origin of this school is primarily associated with the name of ancient artist a monk of Kiev-Pechersk Monastery Alimpiev masters of the "Shimmering paintings" whose name still lives when it was surrounded by legends.

Mosaic (Shimmering paintings) as a form of art was known in Kiev in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Mosaic technique has also been brought to Kiev Rus by Byzantine masters. Image recruited smalti - a special vitreous material. In St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev survived a huge mosaic depicting Mother of God figure.

Part of the mosaics of the cathedral St. Michael - "Eucharist," "Annunciation" and images of Thaddeus and Stephen archdeacons and several others was moved to St. Sophia Cathedral.

Demolition of the cathedral were carried out in 1934-1936 years in Soviet times.

Restored in 1997-1998 years St. Michael's Cathedral (officially opened on May 30, 1999) - one of the main temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate.

You could visit Kiev Sights - St. Michael's Monastery and Cathedral of Archangel Michael with Tour "Kiev Sights"

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