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Kharkiv Sights | Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park
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Ukraine Kharkiv Sights | Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park
On 23rd of August 2012 in Kharkov, Ukraine was opened Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park. The symbol of renewed park has become a squirrel. Feed these cute little animals for many decades in Gorkiy Park comes a tradition of Kharkiv residents.

During the reconstruction the new attractions are set made in Germany, Italy, Canada, France and UK. All attractions are of 2011-2012 production. Among them - Best Entertainment Center in Ukraine, roller coasters, the largest Ferris Wheel in Ukraine (height - 55 m), French Carousel, House of Horrors as well as rides for small children, a complex for extreme sports, roller skating, retro-zone , sports grounds, race track and other facilities.

On the territory of Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park there are a lot of small cafes and children restaurants so everyone could enjoy good food between the entertainment.

Everything that is created in Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park made for the residents of Kharkov, visitors and tourists. Park became the hallmark of Kharkiv. This is the place where as children as adult can relax and have fun!

Kharkiv Central Children Entertaiment Park Areas and Ticket Price Cost

Entertainment Center
Extreme Park
Air Zone
40 UAH/ hour or 80 UAH/day
Roller coaster
35 UAH
Rope town
Tower fall
35 UAH
The tower and climbing wall
80 UAH
7D cinema and 7D cube
50 UAH
35 UAH
7-12 UAH
Rope Park
from 20 UAH
Airsoft shooting range
20 UAH/21 shots
29 UAH/5 min
Family and Entertaining Area
Medieval Square
House of Horrors
50 UAH
Ferris Wheel
15 UAH/child, 25 UAH/adult
Air flight "Rise"
35 UAH
25 UAH
Mega Disco "Egypt"
35 UAH
Driving School
20 UAH
Chained carousel with the rise of "Arabia"
35 UAH
Train of Park
15 UAH
Galleon "Barbados"
15 UAH/child, 25 UAH/adult
Medieval shooting
20 UAH/10 shots
Crazy bench "England"
15 UAH/child, 25 UAH/adult
20 UAH/5 shots
Water slide "Maya"
15 UAH/child, 25 UAH/adult
20 UAH
Regatta "Tortuga"
15 UAH
Airsoft shooting range
20 UAH/15 shots
Chained carousel "India"
15 UAH
Children's slide "Old Mine"
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH
20 UAH
Sky Glider "Canada"
15 UAH
Children's Park
French Park
Mini Jet "The Mill"
15 UAH
French carousel
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH/one way
15 UAH
Flying Elephant
15 UAH
Children drop tower "Miracle Tree"
15 UAH
Children's circuit
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH
15 UAH/15 min
Tyr "Angry Birds Live!"
30 UAH/10 shots
1 USD = 8 UAH (grivnas)

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