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Karpaty Sights | Schönborn Palace Castle
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Karpaty Sights - Shenborn Palace Castle
Schönborn palace was built by earl Buheym Schönborn in 1890 - 1895. Schönborn family came here to hunt and relax.

First in Beregvar tract was built a wooden hunting lodge - summer residence of the earls Schönborns. Later on the place of the lodge appeared Schönborn palace in the romantic style similar to the architecture of French Renaissance.

Schönborn palace like many palaces of the time had so-called astronomical structure. Thus the number of windows in the palace is 365 - number of days per year, 52 rooms symbolize the number of weeks per year, 12 entry doors - 12 months in a year. Associative array can continue virtually every part of the palace. Schönborn palace has four towers of different shapes and to each of them attached a weather vane with a truncated date of its construction - 1890.

The castle is surrounded by 19 hectares of the territory. In the middle of the XIX century was defeated by a beautiful garden and arboretum with the lake. In the garden of ornamental trees have been collected from around the world which still delight the eye with the visitor. Here you can see rare breeds such as: catalpa, boxwood, weymouth pine, spruce, Japanese cherry, pink beech and many others. In the garden there is a "spring of youth and beauty" of healthy water. They say niece of the earl not only regained its beauty lost during the illness but was able to maintain the attractiveness for many years precisely because of this spring.

After the partition of Austria-Hungary Schönborn palace becomes the property of the Czechoslovak state. Before World War II during the existence of an independent state - Carpathian Ukraine its President Augustin Voloshin became aware of the great interest of the estate Schönborn second man in Nazi Germany - Hermann Goering. For the sale of Schönborn palace Hermann Goering firm in Berlin undertook to provide the Government of Carpathian Ukraine a loan of ten million marks. Because the fate of the Carpathian Ukraine to Germany was already a foregone conclusion the Germans for the cheap (10 million marks had been promised a loan at that time a very small amount) would like to get extremely valuable for its recreational and industrial potential of the property prior to the occupation of Schönborn edge of Hungary. It was just a trick: the deal Hermann Goering tried to get ahead of the Hungarian competition and for a little money to get a legitimate reason for the estate. However the government of Augustin Voloshin did not get into a trap: the offer was rejected and is no longer discussed.

With Schönborn palace is connected large number of legends. The most famous of them tells the story of jealous earl Schönborn who is constantly checking on the loyalty of his wife. One fortune teller advised him infallible and absolute way to verify whether a devoted wife: you have to ask her to come down from the Sokol cliffs (30-foot rock wall opposite the castle). Descending from the cliffs the countess will confirm that he never cheated on husband. She bravely went down but not forgiven her husband is a deadly test and left him. Rumor has it that after the death of the countess in the castle of her ghost appeared - a woman in a black robe.

Today Schönborn palace is one of the buildings of the sanatorium "Karpaty" which specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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