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Chernivzi Sights | Nickolas Cathedral
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Chernivzi Sights - Drunk Church (Nickolas Cathedral)
Nicholas Cathedral (Drunk Church) - one of the best sights of Chernivtsi. The name of the cathedral was due to non typical form of its domes that are very unusual for Orthodox churches. Base of the domes literally twisted as if drunk.

Drunk Church in Chernivtsi is unusual not only outside but inside. When visiting the church immediately struck a non-standard location of the altar. We are accustomed to seeing the altar opposite the entrance and in the St. Nicholas Cathedral it is on the right of the entrance. This is explained by the idea of architects: the entrance to the church should be from Ruskaya street. If the altar was installed opposite the entrance - it would be the north side. By the canons of the Christians altar is to place on the east side. That is why the altar in St. Nicholas Cathedral is located on the east where he is and ought to be.

Drunk Church was constructed from 1927 to 1939. Such a long period of construction due to financial problems. The construction work is stopped for a few years then resumed again. Finally December 6, 1939 on the eve of World War II St. Nicholas Cathedral was consecrated.

Drunk Church is made in the Romanian style - neorominesk. The prototype of Drunk Church was the Orthodox Assumption Council Bishops Cathedral in the Romanian town - Curtea de Arges.

In Romania there is a legend about a master Manole tells about the construction of the cathedral in Curtea de Arges.

Black governor asked ten great masters to build a monastery of unparalleled beauty. Black governor promised to reward masters generously and if they can not cope with the job - immure alive. Masters led by master Manole got to work. For four days they worked but in vain. All built by them was doomed to destruction. Once in a dream Manole heard a voice from heaven telling how to build a monastery. For this purpose it was necessary to sacrifice a wife or sister of one of the masters - it is one that will bring them food in the morning. First came Anna beloved wife of Manole. With a heavy heart Manole set to work. Started as a joke Manole put stones in front of her legs. As a result Anna is completely walled up in the wall. Manole heard her plaintive muffled voice.

Soon a new monastery was built. Black governor came to admire the building and found the masters that were sitting on the roof of the monastery. He asked them if they can build him a church that is even better. And the masters replied that certainly will because they are the best in their job. Black governor destroyed the scaffold thereby depriving masters opportunities to come down from the roof. From scrap materials masters created wings and tried to take off. They suffered a sad fate - they are all broken down. At the spot where Manole fell down started a source from which the stream of water flows. It is Manole's tears.

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