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Synevyr Lake | Ecological walking track around lake | Carpathians
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Synevyr Lake

Synevyr Lake is the jewel of Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level and is the most alpine lake in Ukraine. Synevyr Lake covers around 4-5 ha depends on year season and the depth of it reaches 8 to 22 meters. Around the lake there is ecological walking track of 1 km.

Synevyr Lake emerged in post-glacial period due to overlap of river valley by landslides. Arising out of that basin filled with water of three mountain streams. Depth of the lake as well as the lake area are unstable and dependent on rainfall and soil moisture.

Synevyr Lake surrounded by fir trees of 150 years old. Nature around the lake is filled with flavor of coniferous trees that creates atmosphere for the treatment and rehabilitation of people and their health. Nature at the lake remains intact for centuries.

The main decoration of Synevyr Lake is a sculptural composition "Syn and Vyr" made of mahogany and carved by sculptors Ivan Brovdi and Michael Sanych. The height of the monument is 13 meters. Is set on the shore and majestically reflects in the water mirror of the lake. In the name of Synevyr Lake reflected ancient Carpathian legend about unrequited love between girl Syn and boy Vir.

Syn and Vyr Monument | Ancient Carpathians Legend of Synevyr LakeSynevyr Lake Legend

In ancient times Carpathians land belonged to a wealthy earl and people had to work for him - grazing sheep and cows, chopped wood.

The wife of earl died after giving birth to her daughter but before death she gave girl a beautiful name - Syn because the girl was born with light blue eyes that seemed bluer from the sky.

Syn grew up and became a beautiful girl so earl was proud of his daughter above all. Once the earl ordered to go in the mountains to see if loggers work well. A daughter asked to came with him. While earl engaged in the affairs Syn went up the mountain to gather flowers.

Suddenly she heard sounds of floyar and when she looked back - saw a guy that play beautiful music. It was Vyr - a shepherd. Syn came to him and Vyr was struck by her beauty. She spoke to him and they agreed to meet here tomorrow - as they loved each other as they say at first sight.

A week passed and Syn and Vir has not imagined life without each other when suddenly father earl found out about their meetings. His indignation knew no bounds and he forbade her daughter to meet with shepherds and disgrace their family. However Syn not obeyed the orders of his father as to do something against her will was impossible.

Then earl ordered to kill Vyr. So earl servant waylaid the shepherd and dropped on him large rock.

Learning of this Syn ran to the place of death of loved one Vyr, hug the rock by hands and many tears shed wretched that in the place became a lake. The lake water is clean as a tear and blue as blue eyes and in the middle is seen the rock island. Based on that legend people called the lake - Synevyr Lake.

You could walk Synevyr Lake in tour package Ukraine Tour West Ring (12 days / 11 nights) or Ukraine Tour Romantic of Carpathians (4 days / 3 nights tour).

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