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Staraya Skvaryava Sights | Wooden Church of Archangel Michael (1508)
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Staraya Skvaryava Sights | Wooden Church of Archangel Michael (1508)
Wooden Church of Archangel Michael first mentioned in documents in 1578. In 1715 it burned down and in its place was moved wooden church of Hlynsko village where the church stood on site of ancient settlement Schykotyn destroyed by Mongols in 1241.

For a sensational discovery which made at the end of 2008 the famous Lviv researcher of Ukrainian wooden churches Basil Slobodian who saw carved inscription on the north wall of the nave (covered by a board) - Wooden Church of Archangel Michael dated 1508 year. In the church preserved authentic low part and the iconostasis but the top of it according to Basil Slobodian is later rebuilding.

The date of construction of the church confirms not only newfound inscription and another record that shows that the church in 1700 was "two hundred without eighth years old".

Wooden Church of Archangel Michael is 50 square meters with height of 15 meters. To the south-west of the church is wooden two-tiered bell tower topped pyramid built before 1901.

In 1820 conducted the repair of the church (before this date was considered the year of the structure of the church). The dome of the church destroyed in Second World War rebuilt by inhabitants of the village. During period 1947 - 1989 was closed. The church returned to the original look after the restoration in 2010-2011.

Older in Wooden Church of Archangel Michael there was in a unique iconostasis of famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Rutkovych - the only preserved iconostasis of sacred paintings of XVI-XVII centuries.

The oldest in the iconostasis belonging to XVI century are figures of saints and two gospel stories. Central icon is "Salvation in heavenly forces" under which painted "Last Supper". These works are painted by masters of Peremyshlyany school of icon painting. Royal doors belong to middle of XVII century.

Lower row of iconostasis painted by famous painter Ivan Rutkovych of Zhovkva icon school in 1677-1687. The oldest dated work of Ivan Rutkovych is Deacon Doors with icon of Archangel Michael. At the bottom of archangel's feet there is inscription and date 1677. The lower row also include icons: "St. Nicholas", "Virgin Hodegetria", "Christ Pantocrator" and "Archangel Michael".

Currently the iconostasis of Wooden Church of Archangel Michael of Staraya Skvaryava is returned to the church after 10 years of restoration and available for viewing by tourists.

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