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Shatsky Lakes | Svitiaz Lake sailboat charter | Privat yacht rental Foka-2
Individual and group tours to Shatsky Lakes

Shatsky Lakes | Svitiaz Lake sailboat charter | Privat yacht rental Foka-2
During vacation in Shatsky National Park there is a unique possibility for tourists to sail by sailboat on the largest lakes of the park - Svitiaz Lake.

Privat yacht Foka-2 made in Poland is available for rental and charter of small group of 4-5 persons. It is nice possibility for the whole family to spend a few hours or whole day together sailing and swimming in the deep part of Svitiaz Lake.

By privat yacht Foka-2 tourists can get to the only island of Svitiaz Lake - Cosmonauts Island.

Cosmonauts Island History

Island on Svitiaz Lake during Soviet Union time has been a favorite holiday destination of Soviet cosmonauts.

Alexei Leonov and Leonid Popov when they were in space saw group of lakes and were surprised so when they return to the earth asked "What are these lakes?". It turned out to be exactly Shatsky Lakes with largest of them - Svitiaz Lake.

Soon taking into account that the water of lakes full of silver ions and glycerin which is used for prevention of various diseases Space Command decided to organize post-space-flight adaptation period of cosmonauts on Shatsky Lakes. The base was located on an island on Svitiaz Lake.

It is said here liked to be the first secretary of Central Committee of CPSU Nikita Khrushchev as well as the famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. There is evidence that there were on Cosmonauts Island other cosmonauts - Pavel Popovich and Yuri Artyuhin.

Place of cosmonauts base on the island was strictly guarded from the shore and from the lake but now access to it is open for tourists. In Cosmonauts Island has preserved remains of infrastructure of the base: well, gazebo and pier. House of cosmonauts unfortunately was dismantled and moved to a new location.

Privat Sailboat Foka-2 Technical Specifications

Sail area - 16 sq.m.
Length - 5 meter and 45 cm
Width - 2 meters and 5 cm
Height in cabin - 1 meter and 16 cm
Number of beds - 4
Max crew - 4-5 sailmen
Ballast weight - 200 kg
Type of engine - outboard
Engine power - 2-4 hp

You can visit Shatsky Lakes with Ukraine tour "Ukraine West Ring"

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