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Shatsky Lakes Sights | Svitiaz Lake | Family Vacation with Children
Individual and group tours to Shatsky Lakes

Shatsky Lakes Sights | Pisochne Lake | Family Vacation
Shatsky National Park was established in 1983 to preserve one of the most valuable natural landscapes in Ukraine. Modern square of Shatsky National Park is 49 hectares 10.5% of which are sanctuaries. In the park there are 22 Shatsky Lakes of mainly glacial and karst origin. The biggest of them - Svitiaz, Pulemetske, Luky, Lyutsimer, Pesochnoe, Krymno.

The flora of the park has about 800 species of plants with dominated pine forests. There are alder, oak-pine and oak forests.

Shatsky National Park is located in the path of seasonal migrations of many species of birds. Here nesting ducks and swans, stork, black and gray crane - species listed in Red Book.

Shatsky Lakes is a great place for fishing. Here there are more than 30 species of fish including European eel. Fishing is permitted in designated areas.

In the park created nature trails, hiking trails and rapidly developing green tourism.

For travelers and visitor of Shatsky Lakes who prefer active leisure offered:

  • Off-road trip in the forests around Shatsky Lakes
  • Underwater excursions and free diving in Svitiaz Lake
  • Rent a yacht for a trip on Svitiaz Lake
  • Rent a bike to get around environmental paved trails
  • Kayaking on Shatsky Lakes
  • Walking and bus excursions around Shatsky Lakes

Shatsky Lakes Sights | Pisochne Lake | Family VacationSvitiaz Lake

Svitiaz Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Ukraine. Water surface of the lake is 27,5 square km with maximum depth of 58,4 meters. Popularly Svitiaz Lake called Ukrainian Baikal. The lake is karst origin and fed by artesian groundwater. The water in the lake is amazingly clear and soft, rich in silver ions and glycerol.

Svitiaz Lake is famous of the island that is situated inside of it with area of 7 ha. This island was known as a mysterious place since ancient times. It looks very exotic and even mysterious.

On the banks of Svitiaz Lake there are recreation hotels, private homes and comfortable cottages. For tourists and families with children there are shops, cafes, bars, rent of catamarans, boats rental, horseback riding and excursions.

Shatsky Lakes Sights | Pisochne Lake | Family VacationThere are many legends associated with appearance of Svitiaz Lake. One of them said that in ancient times on site of the lake was a beautiful city and there was noble and kind king. Once one of neighbors asked him for help to serve an enemy attack. Quickly got a king in the way with his army leaving residents without protection. Meanwhile the enemy attacked the city. Then the beautiful and proud daughter of king asked Gods to ruin the city so it does not get the enemy. Before she could utter the last word as all around swayed and went underground. And at this point there was a lovely clean Svitiaz Lake with amazing colors. Local legends served as the basis of poems by Adam Mickiewicz "Switez" and "Switezianka".

Svitiaz Lake is surrounded by forests is fabulously beautiful. It is rightly called the pearl of Polessye. Along shores the lake is shallow and on a sunny day warms up quickly so ideal for vacation of families with small children.

Come to Shatsky Lakes! A place of pristine nature and environmental cleanliness!

You can visit Shatsky Lakes with Ukraine tour "Ukraine West Ring"

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