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Lviv Christmas and New Year 2016 | Program of Celebration

Lviv Christmas and New Year 2016 | Program of Celebration

On 12.12.2015 - 19.01.2016 in Lviv will take place Christmas and New Year 2016 Holidays held under title - Christmas United in Lviv.

Christmas and New Year 2017 in Lviv Celebration Program

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day - on 18th of December 2015 - kindled lights of Lviv Christmas Tree in front of Lviv Opera House. While the event there will be 3D-maping show, performances by musical group Kurbasi and best greetings from citizens of Lviv.

Lviv Christmas Tree reach about 20 meters in height that will be transfered of Carpathian area near village Skhidnytsia. Decorations for Lviv Christmas Tree will be wooden toys that were manufactured by childrens in schools. It is planned that the tree will highlight by blue and yellow colors.

On 12th of December 2015 - 19th of January 2016 in Lviv on Svobody Avenue and Lviv Market Square will take place traditional Christmas Fair.

On 18th-19th of December 2015 Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life invites young citizens and tourists to fabulous theatrical tour "St.Nicholas in Grove".

On 23rd of December 2015 in front of Lviv Town Hall will be presented Nativity Scene of famous Lviv sculptor Anton Lubiyi. All figures are carved of poplar and colored by children.

Also on the fair stage on 7th-8th of January 2016 will be presented project "100 Nativity Scenes" where art groups have the opportunity to present themselves.

On 6th of January 2016 a day before Christmas Eve on Jaworski Square will set Didukh - Ukrainian Christmas decoration made of a sheaf of wheat - a symbolic sacrifice taken of the best wheat of the autumn harvest.

On 7th-10th of January 2016 at Lviv Market Square will be held Doughnut Festival where visitors will have the opportunity to taste Christmas donuts and learn ancient Ukrainian traditions.

On 8th of January 2016 during Christmas Day in the city center will be parade of star keepers.

On 15th of January 2016 Lviv host International Festival "Christmas Puppet History" where participating puppet theaters of Georgia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. The festival will be held in theaters in the city and will show some performances on the streets.

On 17th-18th of January 2016 planned a traditional competition of ice shapes which invites the best ice sculptors.

For tourists and guests of Lviv tourism department develop special thematic tourist route which will be accompanied by a variety of music.

Special gift to residents and visitors of Lviv on Christmas Day preparing theater "Resurrection" - 25th and 26th of December 2015 and 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th of January 2016 - will be unforgettable theatrical fiery installation "When Angels Descend From Heaven" which will involve climbers that act as angels.

Organizers of Christmas New Year 2016 Holidays

Lviv City Council
Lviv City Center
Lviv, Ukraine

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