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Kosino Thermal Resort | Health, Spa and Wellness | Transcarpathia
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Kosino Thermal Resort | Health, Spa and Wellness | Transcarpathia

Kosino Thermal Resort is a very good place to improve your health with thermal waters of Transcarpathia. In the resort there is Center of Spa and Wellness that includes thermal baths, massage and other services for your beauty and charm.

Healing thermal waters rise of one of three existing thermal wells of Transcarpathia. The thermal well called 16T is hot geyser of which thermal water goes from the heart of the earth and released to thermal pool with a temperature of 41°C. The depth of thermal well 16T is 1190 meters.

Useful use of thermal water was determined by specialists of "Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Ministry of Health of Ukraine" by official document №99 of December 12, 2006. According to the document Kosino thermal water is good for external use of following diseases:

  • musculoskeletal system: arthritis, osteoporosis, side effects of joint fracture, post-operative condition, disease of articular tissues
  • cardio-vascular system: hypertension stage I-II with blood circulation is not higher than I, post-infarction with blood circulation is not higher than I
  • peripheral nervous system: nerve injury and limb plexus, nervous system disease, sciatica
  • peripheral vessels: atherosclerosis of blood vessels of extremities, varicose veins
  • miliary system: chronic cholecystitis noncalculous

It is recommended to stay in thermal pool for 15-20 minutes three times a day.

Contraindications: disease in the acute stage.

Kosino Thermal Water Composition

The chemical composition of thermal water of Kosino Thermal Resort rich in iron (mass concentration of 1.62), manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, fluoride, zinc and other trace elements that affect the entire complex of human body.

Acid-base balance is pH 6,08. The level of mineralization: 8,5-11,00 g/dm3.

In general thermal water makes general healing effect on the body filling it with necessary substances and trace elements.

Kosino Thermal Resort | Kosino Thermal Water Pools Kosino Thermal Water Pools

Kosino Thermal Resort has five thermal pools. Three of them are hot: great pool and twin pools, one with fresh water with "Aqua-Bar" and one for children.

Large thermal pool (+41°C). Large thermal pool is for fans of space and freedom. You can receive healing effect in a large company of relatives and friends. This pool is open all year round and is convenient because it has a direct entrance to "Royal Rooms" where you can relax after swimming, measure blood pressure and obtain professional advice of the doctor.

Thermal pools twins (+41°C). Very peaceful and quiet pools as they are smaller in size. Usually here come small group of family members.

Unleavened pool with "Aqua-Bar" (+25°C) - freshwater pools made in Mexican style and the large size of the pool typically attracts swimmers. Beautiful music and aqua bar invite lovers of comfort and service. Here you can order delicious cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) without leaving the pool.

Swimming pool (32°C) - perfect for children's bathing. In addition it is near a playground where you can play with your kids.

Kosino Thermal Resort | Kosino Thermal Water Pools About Kosino Thermal Resort

Kosino Thermal Resort is located in Berehove district in Transcarpathia at 200 year old oak grove with area of 8 hectares.

Geographical location of Kosino Thermal Resort near Hungary border has a significantly influenced on style in which it is made. Basically it is Austro-Hungarian style which correspond to white plaster and brown wood with specific thread on it.

If you look at the hall of Kosino Thermal Resort you will see a large lounge and reception, wood stove, rare wall clock, curtains in the form of tulips.

15 years ago the territory of Kosino Thermal Resort was the old base. In 2006 investors bought the territory and then in 2012 started 5 year project for development of health and recreational complex.

You could visit Kosino Thermal Resort in tour package Ukraine Tour West Ring (12 days / 11 nights) or Ukraine Tour Romantic of Carpathians (4 days / 3 nights tour).

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