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Ukraine Rzhyshchiv Sights | Flooded Church of Transfiguration in Husince
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Ukraine Rzhyshchiv Sights | Flooded Church of Transfiguration in Husince
Banks of Dnieper river between Rzhyshchiv and Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi extremely picturesque. Here the river forms chain of sandy islands. On one of these islands stands famous landmark of Kiev region - Flooded Church of Transfiguration of former village Husince.

According to archive data in the early 19th century in Husince village there were 74 yards, 412 people, Transfiguration Church, school and monastic hermitage. Transfiguration Church was built by all inhabitants of village of the means of Gusinsky landowner whose family it became the burial place.

Construction was carried out of bricks produced at a local factory using a mortar whereby two-century church stands now. Secret of mortar considered adding goose-eggs which increases the strength of brickwork.

The founding date of Flooded Church of Transfiguration considered in 1822. The church building - cruciform domed three-aisled basilica. Height of the church is about 16 meters.

During Great Patriotic War the nazis tried to blow up the church but very strong mortar did not allow them to lead to implementation of plan.

In the early 60-ies of 20th century was discovered tomb of Gusinsky family. All items from the tomb was transferred to museum at local school.

In 1978 together with the construction of Kaniv Reservoir all villagers of Husince were relocated to another area and the village was completely flooded. Only because Transfiguration Church was built on the highest hill of village - it stayed on top of a small island.

After 1978 Transfiguration Church was abandoned and gradually fell into decay. Residents of villages near Flooded Church of Transfiguration was told that in the fog and bad weather at an abandoned bell tower heard the bell ringing that helped fishermen find the shore. This is surprising because until 2012 the bell in bell tower of Flooded Church of Transfiguration was absent.

In 2008 was held technical expertise of Flooded Church of Transfiguration and experts of Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture recognized the possibility of restoration of the church.

Initiator of the revival of Flooded Church of Transfiguration became priest Barlaam (Ozimok) - Vicar of Saint Kirillov Monastery in Kiev. The first work on the reconstruction of Flooded Church of Transfiguration began in 2009. Within three years thanks to the help of patrons Transfiguration Church was fully restored and opened its doors to parishioners.

You could visit Rzhyshchiv Sights - Flooded Church of Transfiguration in Husince with Ukraine Tour East Ring or by Private Tour from Kiev.

Boat Tour to Flooded Church of Transfiguration in Husince
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