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Berehove Sights | Chizay Winery | Troyanda Karpat | Wine tasting rooms
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Berehove Sights | Chizay Winery | Troyanda Carpathians | Wine tasting

Troyanda Carpathians Wine
- a legendary dessert white vintage wine formerly known as Troyanda Transcarpathia which in Soviet times was the hallmark of winemakers of Transcarpathia region.

Winegrowers of Chizay Winery revived Pink Traminer grape of which the wine is produced and already in 2012 and 2013 Troyanda Carpath Wine of TM Chizay won a gold medal at international tasting competition "Golden Gryphon" for the quality in Yalta and Sochi.

Troyanda Carpathians Wine has amber tones of tea rose in taste and endurance - in flavor. The taste is full, harmonious, oily. The wine is aged in oak barrels for 2 years.

Wine Tasting Rooms

Berehove Wine Tasting Room

In September 2010 Chizay Winery opened wine tasting room which is located directly on the territory of the plant in the old wine-growing region of Europe - Berehovo, Transcarpathian region.

The purpose of opening wine tasting room is to familiarize visitors with traditional Transcarpathian wines that are unique in their taste and occupy a worthy place among the wines produced in the famous wine regions of the world.

Berehove Sights | Chizay Winery | Tasting RoomsNow everyone will be able to plunge into the fascinating world of wine TM "Chizay" to visit the wine depository, find out production of noble drink and taste wines in a special tasting room.

During wine tasting guests and tourists could taste 11 types of natural Transcarpathian wines of TM "Chizay" in a comfortable room with 50 seats.

The star of wine tasting is legendary vintage Troyanda Carpathians Wine - so popular in Transcarpathia from 60s of the last century.

Also for tourists will be interesting to visit small museum in which it is possibile to look at vintage wooden presses, tools and equipment of winemakers of past centuries.

Mukacheve Wine Tasting Room in Palanok Castle

Wine tasting room of TM "Chizay" si located in ancient princely wine cellars of Palanok castle. In the unique atmosphere of medieval times you could taste of 11 different kinds of Transcarpathian wines TM "Chizay" among which legendary vintage Troyanda Carpathians Wine.

Berehove Sights | Chizay Winery | Museum About Chizay Winery

Chizay Winery was founded in 1995 in Berehove of Transcarpathian region in picturesque gorge Chizay where Ukraine borders with Hungary.

The plant was built by foreign investors from scratch using the most advanced technologies in the field of construction and winemaking.

Currently Chizay Winery is a modern complex of wine full cycle production which is composed own vineyards, plant of primary winemaking (to which processing of grapes and production of wine), plant of secondary winemaking (where the finished product is bottled), wine depository and tasting rooms.

Wines of Chizay Winery are manufactured under several trademarks: Chizay, Chateau Chizay, Wine Berry. They are on great demand not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world.

You could visit Chizay Winery in tour package Ukraine Tour West Ring (12 days / 11 nights) or Ukraine Tour Romantic of Carpathians (4 days / 3 nights tour).

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