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Book Dream Sailing: Yacht Cruising Experience based on True Story
Book "Dream Sailing: Yacht Cruising Experience based on True Story"

Topic: Sailing, Yachting, Boating
Language: English
Date and year of issue:
Number of pages: 81
Number of illustrations: 2

Book Price

E-book: 2.99 USD - buy and download from Kindle

Book Description

A young man dreams of becoming a sailboat captain and one day sailing around the world. Fate gives him the opportunity to learn from a captain who made a round-the-world trip together with his wife.

Inexperience and wisdom meet on board the same yacht. The first steps of learning the art of sailing a yacht, the first mistakes and high hopes.

Along with learning comes adventure, sometimes even to the point of risking one's life.

The captain plans to sail to Turkey and the young man dreams of seeing the sea for the first time from aboard a yacht.

Book - Dream Sailing: Yacht Cruising Experience based on True Story | Ukrainian BullyAdventures awaited the crew of sailboat "Lelitka" during the entire voyage. The difficulties of yacht cruising, waves and wind sometimes became allies, then stopped the progress of the yacht on her way.

Unexpected meetings with the steel birds of Turkey, a night visit to the military port, as well as other adventures and emotions await the reader on the pages of the book.

About the Author

Pavlo Korsun was part of the crew of the yacht "Lelitka" for more than ten years. This book was written as a sign of gratitude to Captain Valeriy Petuschak and his wife Natalya Makedon for the science of life and incredible adventures!

Other book of author: "Tour Guide for 105 Percent Satisfaction!"

Опис книги українською мовою - тут

Content of Book "Dream Sailing: Yacht Cruising Experience based on True Story"

  • Inroduction
  • Glossary
  • My first captain
  • Lost sailboat or an adventure at two o'clock in the night
  • The yacht must have one captain or a night meeting with a barge
  • A flurry I wasn't ready
  • Preparing the sailboat for a long voyage
  • Did we take everything with us?
  • Triple somersault in the air
  • How the crew of the yacht was formed during the voyage
  • Departure day! Cast off the mooring ropes! The journey begins!
  • Gateways, gateways, gateways...
  • Descending by thirty-six metres in Zaporizhzhia gateway
  • Visit relatives and storm warning near Kakhovka gateway
  • Port of Kherson and change of crew
  • The port of Kherson is the gate of the Black Sea!
  • The last preparations before sailing to the sea
  • My first voyage to the sea or how a dream came true
  • Accident
  • The sea cleaning me through
  • Welcome to the Turkish coast!
  • Stormy wind changes its direction
  • Zone of combat shooting and manoeuvres and meeting with steel birds of Turkey
  • "Tell them, let them go to hell, I want to sleep!"
  • People and yachts meet each other
  • Harbour for... speeding cars
  • Changing the rhythm
  • Girl on a counter course and the end of the voyage
  • Appendix 1. Entries of the sailboat "Lelitka" logbook during the voyage Kyiv - Sinop - Istanbul
  • Appendix 2. Gateways on the Dnieper River
  • Appendix 3. Sailing the yacht to abroadWoman-tour guide

I hope that this book will be useful to you and bring real pleasure!

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Pavel Korsun
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