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Sky Documentaries Chernobyl The Lost Tapes release on 28.02.2022

Sky Documentaries Chernobyl The Lost Tapes release on 28.02.2022

On 28.02.2022 at 21:00 LT UK Sky Comcast will release Sky Documentaries Chernobyl The Lost Tapes - the story of Chernobyl 86 told through a newly discovered hoard of dramatic footage filmed at the nuclear plant during the disaster.

Update! Chernobyl Tours Temporarily Suspended from 20.02 to 20.03.2022!

Documentaries of Chernobyl 86 will base on newly-discovered archive footage and witness accounts and will tell the story of heroic efforts made to prevent another explosion at the nuclear power plant.

The film Chernobyl 86 is produced by Top Hat Productions in association with Sky Studios.

The film shows how Chernobyl and the cover-up that followed sparked unprecedented distrust in the authorities, giving birth to a protest movement in Ukraine which would eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The modern resonance of a disaster which threatened millions of lives but was tragically mishandled by those in authority will have an obvious resonance to the contemporary audience.

Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes is the full, unadulterated true story of what happened in one of the most iconic but least understood tragedies of the twentieth century.

- Director: James Johns
- Film Editor: Rupert Houseman
- Producers: Serhiy Solodko and Sasha Odynova
- Composer: Uno Helmersson
- Researcher: Maria Shevchenko
- Line Producers: Joanna Marshall, Philippa Lacey
- Executive Producer: Darren Kemp

Sky will continue the success of Chernobyl HBO series created in 2019 by filmmaker Johan Renck.

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