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Zaporizhzhya Sights | Motorsich Museum | Aircraft and Helicopter Engines
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Zaporizhzhya Sights | Motorsich Museum | Aircraft and Helicopter Engines
Motorsich Museum is unique technical museum of Ukraine with exposition of various aircraft and helicopter engines, motorcycles, samovars, hunting weapons, military technique and vehicles.

On the ground floor of the museum is an exhibition dedicated to history of Zaporizhzhya Engine Plant now well know as Motorsich.

Here is a unique collection of piston and jet aircraft engines manufactured by company in different periods of its history.

Among them - M-11 which was destined to mark an entire epoch in the history of domestic aviation. The engine was installed on aircrafts: U-2 (PO-2), UT-1, UT-2, Yak-6, Yak-10, Yak-18, AIR-6, AIR-12, SH-2, SCHCHE-2 and others.

Considering the exposure of nine-cylinder M-22 aircraft engine for airplanes I-4, I-16, AIR-7, K-5, K-12 visitors can appreciate the level of technology and high quality components made in 1930s.

Particular interest of visitors connected with engine ASH-82FN for aircrafts La-5FN, La-7 which had fought three times Hero of Soviet Union pilot Ivan Kozhedub.

Here also demonstrates the first helicopter engine AI-26B which is installed on experimental helicopters of Ivan Bratukhin - B-5, B-9, B-10 and helicopter Mi-1 of Michail Mil.

Connoisseurs of historical aviation could at full-scale engine ASH-62IR for legendary aircraft An-2 which has no analogues in the world among the aircraft on longevity.

Next exhibition reflects the beginning and development of jet aviation engines:

  • RD-45F for aircraft MiG-15
  • RD-500 for unmanned radio-controlled aircraft missiles FCR-1
  • AI-20 production began in 1957 and continues today thanks to high reliability of the engine
  • AI-24 for aircrafts An-24, An-26, An-30
  • AI-25 for aircraft Yak-40
  • D-36 for aircrafts Yak-42, An-72, An-74, An-74TK-300 and others

An unforgettable impression on visitors has unique engine D-18T which is installed on freight transportation aircrafts An-124 "Ruslan" and AN-225 "Mriya".

A special place in the collection takes most demanded helicopter engine TVZ-117 in different modifications for modern helicopters Mil and Kamov.

On the second floor of Motorsich Museum there is a collection of motorcycles of foreign and domestic production of 1930-1980.

In the exhibit hall presented domestic motorcycle of "Izhmash" factory: Izh-350, Izh-49, Izh-Planeta-2, Izh-Planeta-Sport amd Kiev Motorcycles Factory: Dnepr-11, Dnepr-14.9, Dnepr KMZ 8-955, K-650.

It presents a number of motorcycles of United States, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary: Harley-Davidson, Sachs, Zundapp, BMW R-35, DKW-350, Simson (Star), Jawa-50, Jawa-350/634, CZ-501 ("Chezeta-501"), Pannonia T-5 and others.

Special attention of visitors is the collection of samovars and hunting weapons.

In front of Motorsich Museum there is another open-air museum with military equipment and vehicless. Here tourist and visitors of Zaporizhzhya could look at divisional gun ZIS-3 and D-44, anti-tank guns MT-12 and 45-mm of 1942, BM-13 "Katyusha", BM-21 "Grad", howitzers "Carnation" 2S1 and "Acacia" 2C3, anti-aircraft complex "Shilka" and others.

You could visit Zaporizhzhya Sights - Motorsich Museum with Tour South Ring, Tour Zaporizhzya Sights or Group Tour "Grand Industrial Tour"

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