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Yasynia Sights | Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension (1824) | UNESCO World Heritage
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Yasynia Sights | Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension (1824) | UNESCO World Heritage
Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension belongs to impeccable wooden churches of Hutsulschyna. There is inscription above the door with date of construction - 1824 and the inscription that in 1894 Basil Popadyuk gave money for the altar and Grits Pavlyuchok, Peter Pavlyuchok and George Splyaschuk did foundations, jambs and other work to update the church.The iconostasis preserved from the time the construction of the church. In 1994 to the western part of the church were added extra room.

The bell tower of Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension in its architectural and artistic merit ranks among the excellent masterpieces of Transcarpathian folk architecture. Height of spruce bell tower is 11 meters. It was moved to Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension in 1895 when a fire destroyed the church in the northern part of Yasynia. The top of main doors of the bell tower decorated with a cross and a solar signs and words «ANNO DOMINI 1813".

The history of famous Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension so-called "Strukivska" is closely connected with the history of the founding of Yasynia village. Place where the church is built people consider sacred and retell amazing legends are connected with foundation of the church.

UNESCO World HeritageFew hundred years ago hutsul Ivan Struk back home to Galician side of the Carpathians from Zelene village with flock of sheep. Good weather and charming valley detained shepherd and when the frosts hit he rushed to pass but it was too late. Sudden winter snow covered the mountain pass. Ivan Struk realized that there was no possibility for sheeps to go through mountain pass and returned to the valley. Next he quickly built small wooden barn, left sheeps there and went home alone.

Next spring hutsul Ivan Struk with son returned to the place where he had left flock of sheep. Imagine his surprise when he saw all sheeps alive even with offsprings. Only a miracle could explain the salvation of the flock of sheep. In honor of miraculous salvation of the flock hutsul Ivan Struk built a chapel in this place and the house of most of ash. The stump of the ash tree was so broad that it could sit around 12 people. Next in the valley he founded the village and gave it the name Yasynia. Later on place of the chapel was built the church called it a tradition "Strukivska" consecrated as Wooden church of Our Lord’s Ascension.

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