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Zelenogorye Sights | Emerald (Green) Mountain Lake
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Ukraine Zelenogorye Sights - Emerald (Green) Mountain Lake
Zelenogorye - a small mountain village in the foothills of Karabakh plateau in the South-Eastern Crimea. Plateau above the village - one of the most inspiring places in Crimea with the remarkable gorges, scenic trails and mountain ridges that offer spectacular views of the sea and surrounding mountains.

On three sides the village is bounded by mountains and to the south is seen Black Sea. From the north Zelenogorye there is Panagia tract which means "Holy Tract". Here begins the hiking trails to the picturesque canyon with many small waterfalls, rapids and water baths. If you climb to the plateau above - a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and Black Sea, panorama from Meganom to Ajudag. Here starts hiking trails to Jur-Jur waterfall, on Karabi Yayla plateau and mountain Dimerdzhi.

Panagia - a picturesque tract of the Emerald Green Lake and cascades of waterfalls called Arpat waterfalls. The Emerald Lake is so called because of the rich green color of its waters. It is best to come to the lake in a cloudy day while the green color of Emerald Lake is more saturated and creates an amazing contrast.

The surrounding rocks are interesting formation - geological layers in them are not as usual - horizontally but vertically with spectacular twists. Arpat mountain river with its rapids and small waterfalls form a unique natural jacuzzi.

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