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Zaporizhzhya Sights | Antique Retro Car Museum Phaeton
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 Zaporizhzhya Sights - Antique Retro Car Museum Phaeton
Antique Retro Car Museum Phaeton in Zaporizhzhya is unique museum of classic and vintage cars in Ukraine.

Museum exhibits more than 60 samples of antique cars and motorcycles production period of 20-60s of the last century located in pavilion total area of 2000 square meters.

The exposition of the museum can be divided into several parts: motorcycles, Soviet Union pedal cars for children, Soviet Union car-toys, motorcycles with sidecars, Soviet Union cars for disabled people, USSR military trucks and cars , the U.S. military trucks and cars, American cars of 50-70s.

There are vehicles located next to the museum directly under the open-air - here there are tractors, buses and trucks waiting for recovery and part of the cars and trucks are for restoration in the additional museum pavilion - fire truck and a unique USSR amphibious car.

The oldest truck in the exhibition is the legendary "Polutorka" GAZ-AA release in 1935. It is the oldest truck in the territory of Ukraine. The oldest car in the museum - Opel 1937. A very unique exhibit is a restored ZIS-6 "Katyusha" of 1941 edition - nowhere else in the Ukraine.

In the Antique Retro Car Museum Phaeton for those who remember the hippies will be pleasantly surprised at the restored model of VW Transporter T2 - a symbol of freedom and travel!

You could visit Zaporizhzhya Sights | Antique Retro Car Museum Phaeton with Tour South Ring, Tour Zaporizhzya Sights or Group Tour "Grand Industrial Tour"

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