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Zalisne Sights | Donkey Farm "Miracle Donkey"
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Ukraine Zalisne Sights - Donkey Farm - Miracle Donkey
On the outskirts of Zalisne of Bakhchysarai district exists only in the Crimea and in the whole Ukraine donkey farm called "Miracle donkey" which is owned by two brothers - John and Nicholas Pomogalov. Right now there are 53 donkeys on the farm! When brothers decided to organize a donkey farm - brought two dozen donkeys of Somali and Nubian breed from Moldova.

In Crimea at all times was often used donkeys in the mountains for the transportation of goods. In Soviet times many donkeys in Crimea just disappeared. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev signed a decree on the tax on each head of domestic animals - and farmers began to get rid of donkeys - paying for them would have as much as a cow and a horse. When the person in front of a choice: leave the cow or donkey, of course, he chose the cow. Therefore farmers just left donkeys far in the forest hoping that somehow they feed in the mountains. But the donkeys did not leave - they wandered from house to house and even go to Sevastopol. To get rid of "stray animals" caused the soldiers with guns that shot herd of donkeys.

You know the expression "Drive Out"? But there are no donkeys that dead from overload. Why donkey stops and does not go further? It all depends on the person who always hastens: faster, faster! And piling on the donkey too much weight. But if the donkey felt that he can not do it - it stops and has not move from the place. Nothing could help in this case even coaxing or prodding. That is why saying: "Stubborn as a donkey!"

If you need to find the way into impassable terrain such as mountains - let the donkey goes forward. Because it chooses the most convenient and easy way. In Central Asia and the Caucasus - is a centuries-old tradition.

Donkey become obstinate if the "donkey-driver" is drunk. Donkey could pull up to 120 kg of cargo on the back and if they are harnessed to a cart - could carry two and a half tons.

Communicating with these cute and clever animals fill you with positive energy and kindness. On the farm there are tour guides who help you to learn how to drive donkey and lead on a mountain roads to Sphinx valley and medieval cave cities - Mangup and Eski-Kermen.

The driver in the donkey at the end of the route is issued a driver's license "donkey- driver". It is quite a bit different from the public right to drive a car in Ukraine. There are categories of "donkey-driver" - A, B, C, D, E.

Meeting with the donkeys will be interesting not only for children but also adults who will change a car to a donkey.

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